Everything You Need To Know Before Running A Background Check

What Is A Background Check?

A background check is the process of looking up and putting together all of the records found on a particular individual. They show all of the information on a specific person, including details from the past and the present.

What Does A Background Check Show?

Everything You Need To Know Before Running A Background Check

Although background checks can vary, most background checks include:

  • Full Name & Aliases - You can find out if there are any other names the person might go by, or if they are really who they say they are. People often go by more than one name. Find out exactly who someone is by performing a background check.
  • Age/Date Of Birth - With all the people around the world hiding their real age, you can easily find out how old someone truly is by performing a simple background check.
  • Address, Both Current And Past - Find out if the person is really living where they say they are and how often they have moved.
  • Phone Numbers - Find out current and previous phone numbers used by the individual.
  • Relatives - A background check allows you to learn who the relatives of the individual are.
  • Occupation And Education - Learning about past work experience can be very beneficial to new potential employers. People often build up their resumes to make themselves look better for a job interview. Know for sure that a person's past work experience lines up with what they have on their resume.
  • Criminal Records - You can find out if a person has any criminal background, or has been involved in any illegal acts.
  • Social Media Accounts - By conducting a background check, you can get information regarding any social media accounts the individual uses and possibly the usernames associated with them.

Performing An Online Background Check

In today's day and age, background checks can now be performed easily online. Whether you are at your house, on the road, or even on vacation, you can perform an online background check. A wifi connection and a smart device are the only things you’ll need. This makes performing a background check simple and easy, no hassle necessary.

Performing A Background Check On Myself

Everything You Need To Know Before Running A Background Check

Many people wonder what a background check will say if they perform one on themselves. People wonder if their own background check will show anything that they thought was hidden, or that they did not know existed. Luckily, before going in for a job interview, or anything else that may require someone to look into your background, you can run a background check on yourself. This way, you will know exactly what they could possibly find out. Giving you advance notice on what someone may be able to find out when performing a background check on you.

How Long Does A Background Check Take To Get?

With the help of ClickSearch, performing a background check has never been faster. You can get all of the information you need on an individual almost instantly. Just type in the name of the individual, and the state that individual is from and get results in on time. Not only will the results be fast, but they will also be accurate. No need for the long hassel background checks used to take, or the stress of needing answers you could not get quick enough. ClickSearch has changed the way background checks can be seen.

When Should You Perform A Background Check?

  • Before applying for a job
  • Before hiring someone new
  • When you meet someone new
  • If you are online dating
  • Before letting someone into your house
  • Before meeting with a real estate agent
  • Prior to moving to a new area
  • On potential babysitters, or daycare providers
  • Whenever you have curiousity or suspicions about a person

There are many situations in which it is a good idea to perform a background check. Whether it is on your child's daycare provider, or on the person trying to sell you a house, you won’t go wrong performing a background check. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, tragedy happens everyday. Is the person taking care of your child truly who they say they are? Is the person selling you a house a fraud? Look into any individual that enters your life so you never get caught off guard, or put in a dangerous situation. Use ClickSearch to help you conduct as many background checks as you need to keep yourself and your family safe. ClickSearch will allow you to find all of the information you need on new people entering your life or maybe even friends you have already known for years.