Bankruptcy Search

Protect your finances at all costs.

Check here to see if someone has ever filed for bankruptcy.

Reasons To Run A Bankruptcy Search

Are you about to spend your life with someone without knowing their entire financial history? Or maybe you’re about to cosign a lease or mortgage with someone? A quick search through court records could reveal a past declaration of bankruptcy.

Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

Starting a business with someone who has trouble managing their finances, whether it be personal or business, can be disastrous.



If your future spouse has filed for bankruptcy in the past, it could affect your finances and credit once you’re married.

Financial Records

Financial Records

A public search can find a person’s reasons for filing for bankruptcy, the type of claim, and when the claim was filed.

What is a Criminal Background Check?

The Bankruptcy Search feature by ClickSearch allows you to see who’s filed for Bankruptcy. This search can be important when hiring for a financial management position at your company. Checking for a history attached to bankruptcy can give you an accurate understanding of a potential candidates monetary responsibility and their track record.

How Do People Claim Bankruptcy?

There are many ways a person can claim Bankruptcy. You can voluntarily file for bankruptcy or creditors can request the court to order a person bankrupt.

Who Can Find This Search Useful


As an investor, you deserve to know who you’re doing business with. While it’s easy to do a person search, it is more efficient to do a bankruptcy search. When you’re investing your hard earned money, you want to ensure that the company you’re investing in has a bright future ahead of itself. Using Bankruptcy Search reports can take the anxiety out of choosing which company you want to invest with.

Potential Fiance

When two people get married, they become one in the eyes of the law and many others. It is important to know the circumstances that you’re marrying into before blindly making the commitment. If your partner is Bankrupt, once you are married, that becomes your responsibility.

College Students

Usually it is common to hear that employers do research on candidates before hiring them. They do background checks and search through your criminal records to see if you’ve got any dirt on you. But that’s not so typical on the other end of the stick. As a college student, you should be doing your research on that company too. After graduating you want to be in a secure position where you can take care of your family and be financially stable. Bankruptcy Search will alleviate the stress of constantly searching for a new job where you will be secure by providing you insight about the company you’re applying at.

Success Stories

“I always had my suspicions that my fiancé wasn’t the best with his finances. He had trouble meeting me halfway for rent almost every month, but didn’t seem to have a problem with buying new watches and going out for drinks. A few months after our engagement, enough was enough. I used ClickSearch to see if my fiancé had ever filed for bankruptcy in the past. Turns out he had, and he didn’t seem to learn from it, either. We’re now going to couple and financial counseling before going through with the wedding.”

Angela O., 52, Southfield, MI