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can i be scammed on venmo

Am I Being Scammed On Venmo?

Venmo is fantastic for splitting checks, sending friends money, or if you forgot your credit cards at home. It is the perfect app for allowing people to share or transfer…

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why people cheat

Why Do People Cheat On Their Partners?

Any partnership should be built on a solid basis to operate and last. This means a constant growth in the relationship and consistently working on bettering yourself and bettering your…

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where is my dad

Track Down and Find Your Dad Today with ClickSearch!

Not so long ago, trying to find someone would involve great effort, time, money (especially if the best option you have is hiring a private investigator), as well as great…

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poshmark scams

How To Avoid and Spot Scams on Poshmark

Online shopping has certainly gone big and it continues to grow year after year. Many brands, whether established brands or just starting to make a name for themselves, have their…

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jobs that don't do background checks

Jobs Where A Background Check Is Not Required

Seeking employment comes with stress and some challenges. Now think about trying to find a job as someone with previous brushes with the law. Whether they are misdemeanors or felonies,…

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nate jacobs euphoria

How To Avoid Dating Someone Like Nate Jacobs

Have you ever seen the TV show Euphoria? No? With one season already in the books, you can catch up with the Euphoria guys and gals and discover why people…

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snapchat cheating

Are You Being Snapchat Cheated On? Here’s How To Catch A Cheater!

Cheating, unfortunately, is something that we’re all familiar with. You may have even known someone who has been cheated on, or perhaps someone who cheated on their partner. Cheating has…

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