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Why Are They Asking For All My Personal Information? Am I Being Scammed?

Getting scammed online is now pretty common since almost every American now has access to the internet. And the costliest among these scams and friends is identity theft. In fact,…

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I Want To Schedule A School Reunion But Lost Connection With Some Friends

School reunions are fun. The chance to catch up with old classmates and buddies brings nostalgic feels. While almost everyone looks forward to reunion night, it could be a whole…

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ClickSearch: People Search and Background Check Service

ClickSearch is a specialized search engine that is specifically designed to search for information about people.  Whether it’s looking for distant relatives, or planning a reunion with your high school…

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Use ClickSearch To Make Sure Your Uber Driver Is Safe

Yes, with how advanced technology is nowadays, you can even easily and quickly run a background check on your Uber driver to ensure your safety.  Uber is essentially a taxi…

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What To Do If My Girlfriend Is Constantly Changing Her Phone Password

If you are in a relationship, do you ever wonder: Why did she change her password? Or why my girlfriend won’t give me her Instagram password? While changing passwords is…

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5 Dating Tips And Why You Should Use Clicksearch

A few years ago, online dating was seen as an avenue for those who were not able to find a partner in the real world. A place for the desperate…

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Check Your Neighbor’s Criminal Records

When it comes to raising a family, safety and security are among a parent’s top priorities. This can be ensured in various ways by taking different measures depending on different…

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10 Online Dating Etiquette Tips To Consider When Trying To Find A Match

If someone is really interested in you, they will get back to you eventually. Follow-up messages can give off the vibe that you are desperate and needy – vibes you…

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How to Protect Yourself From Money Scams

Scams are so rampant these days that they target people of all backgrounds, ages, and income levels across the United States. There’s not one group of people who are more…

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