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Phone Number Lookup: Staying Safe and Protecting Your Loved Ones

Phone number lookup sites can be your great ally in keeping your loved ones safe. Scammers, online predators, and all sorts of fraudsters always seem to find a way to…

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Reverse Phone Search – How to Avoid a Telemarketing Scam?

Reverse phone search engines, cell phone location trackers, digital phone number directories, online public records custodians – indeed, there’s no denying that almost all aspects of our society and the…

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People Search Sites – How to Outsmart a Con Artist

Whether you’re trying to expose a con artist or catch a cheating partner, you can rely on tech-advanced people search sites. Web-based people search engines like ClickSearch can help you…

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What are Online Scams and How Scammer Phone Number Lookup Helps?

As the world becomes more digitized, fraudsters have also digitized their various scams. Through the years, online scams grew in number with each one more sophisticated than the last. Many…

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Is Your Neighbor Rubbing You The Wrong Way? Use ClickSearch To Find Out What They Are Up To

Have you just moved into a new neighborhood and are curious as to who your neighbors are? Did someone just move in next door and you wish to learn more…

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Why Are They Asking For All My Personal Information? Am I Being Scammed?

Getting scammed online is now pretty common since almost every American now has access to the internet. And the costliest among these scams and friends is identity theft. In fact,…

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Use ClickSearch To Make Sure Your Uber Driver Is Safe

Yes, with how advanced technology is nowadays, you can even easily and quickly run a background check on your Uber driver to ensure your safety.  Uber is essentially a taxi…

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How to Protect Yourself From Money Scams

Scams are so rampant these days that they target people of all backgrounds, ages, and income levels across the United States. There’s not one group of people who are more…

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school debt

Still Struggling With Student Loans? Want To Know If Your Student Loan Calls Are Real Or A Scam?

Student loan Scams come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. You might be more prone to fall for scams related to current events like “pandemic grant” or “Biden…

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stolen identity

What To Do If Someone Stole My Identity?

Fraud may not be as physical as other crimes like rape, assault, or murder. Nonetheless, it’s equally threatening and dangerous. Plus, it usually comes in what seem to be harmless…

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