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How To Catch A Cheater? 3 Tricks to Find People’s True Intentions

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Let’s face it, people are not always who they seem. Even those you’ve known a long time could easily change, or worse, are not really who you thought they were all along. Often, you find people’s true colors and intentions a little too late. Someone who seems sweet and innocent may actually be planning to take advantage of you. One day, you might just find out that someone’s a cheater after you’ve been with them for years. Don’t be a victim, if you feel something off, act on it. A little probing, some online searching, and a quick background check could help you uncover someone’s real identity and true intentions.

Find Out if Your Partner is Cheating

How to Uncover Someone’s True Intentions 

It’s not always easy to find out a person’s true intentions. Mind you, true intentions could either be good intentions or ill intentions. If it turns out to be the former, good for you. However, if a person’s true intentions turn out to be the latter, you might, unfortunately, face some heartbreak in the near future. In general, ill intentions are hidden behind seemingly pure intentions as well as sweet and noble acts.

Here are several ways to help you uncover a person’s true intentions.

  • Take a Close Look at Their Actions

Observe their actions when interacting with you and with other people. Yes, it’s only natural that they would act sweeter or gentler towards you. However, a great difference in their actions when interacting with others could clue you into their real intentions. For instance, they gladly do something for you but wouldn’t be bothered to do it for, say, a friend or a family member. 

You can also observe how they interact with their boss and compare that to how they interact with the janitor or a waitstaff. Such actions could imply that they are only willing to act in a good and appealing manner to those who can potentially give them something back.

  • Observe their Behavior

This time, focus on their behavioral patterns. Are they mean to animals? Do they make it a habit to tell lies to get out of doing something? Do they not show remorse even when you catch them out on a lie, no matter how small? Do they show little to no empathy for you or the people around you? 

Their behavior during particular situations could show you a glimpse into their true personality and consequently their true intentions. 

  • Trust Your Gut Feeling

If you feel like something seems “off” or that they are giving you this “weird vibe”, you might want to stop and think things through. If you feel strange or uncomfortable from the get-go, your intuition is probably telling you something and you might want to heed it. If you feel that you are being manipulated or belittled, that could say a lot about the other person’s treatment of you. 

In short, this could mean that their true intentions are leaking and your gut is telling you to run and never look back.

How to Catch a Cheater Online

Finding out someone’s true intentions could be for several reasons. In a  lot of cases, there’s a romantic undertone to it. Of course, you wouldn’t want to end up with someone who’d break your heart, right? A person’s true intentions could, after all, determine whether they’re for keeps or a cheater you’d be better off not having in your life.

There are a number of ways online to catch a cheater. Here are some of them:


  • Social Media Accounts

Social media sites are one of the best ways on how to find people online. It’s also a great option to find people for free. Most importantly, in the context of catching a cheater, someone’s social media accounts could tell you a lot. 

You can check out their friend lists as well as the posts they’re tagged in. You may also want to look for a secret account using another account.

  • Reverse Phone or Reverse Address Lookup

You can try these methods in case you find a phone number or address you’re unfamiliar with. For instance, someone’s always calling your partner but the number is not saved. You can do a reverse phone lookup using digital white pages or reverse phone lookup sites. 

In the same way, you can look up an address that your partner could be visiting a lot or had written down somewhere. The best way on how to find people addresses across the United States is via people search engines that also offer reverse address lookup services.

  • Background Check

In the event you feel like someone is not who they claim to be, a quick background check could help. There are free people search engines that can provide you with limited data on anyone. If you want to acquire more accurate information and find people and what they’re really up to faster, a paid but reliable service is your best bet. 

People finders like ClickSearch can perform an in-depth background check with just the name of a person. You can get relevant details such as their known family members, current and past addresses and contact details, criminal history, and even a list of properties they own. 


Someone’s true intentions are a deciding factor in whether you should allow them into your life. Keep a careful watch on how they act and behave. Assess how they actually make you feel about yourself and about your relationship. If the situation calls for it, do a background check on them.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do you know if someone has bad intentions?

You can learn a lot from their actions and behavior. Also, take note of how they make you feel. If they make you feel uncomfortable or strange, you might want to reconsider continuing to deal with them.

  • How can I find out if my partner is cheating?

First off, observe any changes in behavior or unusual activities. You can also check any unusual social media engagements, and clandestine calls and messages. If the situation calls for it, hire a private investigator.

  • How do I catch a liar online?

Start by checking their social media accounts. You can also perform a reverse phone lookup on numbers that seem to have too many late-night phone calls. Reverse address lookup could help too.

  • How to find people’s real identity?

Whether you want to check out someone you just met or someone you’ve known for a long time but seemed to have turned into a stranger, an online background check could help. Risk-free people finders like ClickSearch can help you uncover someone’s identity using just their full name or even their phone number.

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