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How To Do An Inmate Search on a Web-Based Inmate Locator?
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Using an internet search to find someone in prison is easier than ever. Online databases make gathering information on people for anyone with a phone or laptop simple. You can do a background check by yourself, if you have a lot of time on your hands. This is why knowing where to find inmate locator in the US is important. 

You can bring up everything on a person’s criminal record with the name, birthday, and a number. But sometimes, the search depends on the state or the prison. This can make things harder, and you have to bounce from website to website. An easy-to-use web-based inmate locator can save a lot of time checking on a person’s background or locating an inmate.

Search an Inmate

Why Would You Use An Inmate Locator?

There are many reasons to do an inmate search. Some companies do it as part of a general background check. It might be part of a community safety and security check. Some people may be looking for a relative who has been missing. If a hurricane hits Florida, for example, knowing the location of an inmate can be helpful.

Private investigators may want to use the services to locate specific people. In some cases, parole officers will want to follow up on an individual who the prison has released. People search for inmates for a lot of reasons, and not all of them are nefarious. An inmate locator is a great way to see if an inmate has re-offended or if the information on the parolee is correct. 

No matter the reason for locating an inmate, people use a web-based option to streamline the process. Finding an inmate can be complex, depending on their state. A web-based inmate locator can make going from state and government sites unnecessary and quickly get you the information you need by collecting all the data on one site.

How do I locate an inmate in the US?

Doing an inmate lookup in the US is different if they are in the state or federal system. Bringing up criminal records in the federal system requires more information. You have to look through several databases. Finding someone in the federal prison system depends on whether the federal government imprisoned them after 1982. 

Within the federal system, you’ll have to go to the Federal Bureau of Prisons and have certain information. This search will require a person’s first and last name, middle name, race, age, and sex. 

To use the federal system, you will need to get the inmate number in the following locations:

  • Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Register.
  • D.C. Department of Corrections (DCDC).
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A federal inmate locator can help make the process easy by searching every department and collecting this information. These places will let you look at public records on inmates in the federal system but not the state level.

How do you locate an inmate in Arizona?

To find inmate records in Arizona means using a state database. The ADC or Arizona Department of Corrections has information on inmates incarcerated from 1985 onward. Also, the records of the ADC contain information on 26,000 inmates.

The ADC holds data on death row inmates and the general population. You can search for people in this database using the ADC number, their last name, and, in some cases, their gender and race. The Arizona system organizes the results using the last or closest matching last names.

The ADC provides records in categories including:

  • Aliases
  • Commitment Information
  • Basic Inmate Data
  • Sentence Information
  • Parole Action
  • Infractions
  • Profile Classification  
  • Parole Placement

Figuring out how to find inmate records is straightforward once you are in the system. However, should an inmate move or some other circumstance take them out of state or into federal custody, you’ll have to go to another website to find the inmate.

How do you locate an inmate in Florida?

Florida has a website where users can search for inmates in the state system. The Florida DOC supplies the database with constantly updated information.

Searching for inmate locations in the Florida Department of Corrections requires:

  • First and last name
  • Sex
  • Race 
  • Age

Florida provides an entire list of public records. Inmate searches through The Florida DOC involve the Federal Freedom of Information Act. This act requires that information on inmates be public and accessible. But you won’t find information on minors in this database. The only way to attain information on juvenile offenders is if you are a minor’s parent, guardian, or attorney. 

The Florida DOC database has some fairly specific and granular information on inmates, including their:

  • Names 
  • Photographs
  • Last known location 
  • Age
  • Race 
  • Height

The Florida DOC provides a healthy packet of statewide information, but not federal data. To compare this information, you will need to go from website to website to determine if they have moved an inmate.

How do you locate an inmate in Texas?

Anyone searching for an inmate in Texas asked to go through the TDCJ. This inmate search database provides information on their location and the charge. By looking through this database, you can figure out how to find past inmate records in Texas.

Like most states, Texas provides inmate information to the public for free. The Texas database makes locating inmates online possible but not always easy. The TDCJ delivers inmate information through government websites, but you can also locate inmates using third-party sites to make things easier. 

To properly locate information using third-party or state government sites in Texas, you need:

  • The location for the records.
  • The county and city where an inmate lives.
  • The name of the person, unless they are a juvenile.

The TDCJ database doesn’t provide information on inmates that are moved to locations outside of the state and may not provide information on when inmates move into federal custody. The ambiguity between database sites can make finding inmates difficult. Therefore, people use third-party websites to locate inmates.


It’s possible to get inmate location data online through web-based tools. In some cases, finding someone in a federal facility differs from searching state to state. To find a person in the Texas prison system means searching the TDCJ database. If you are looking for someone in custody in Orlando, you must search the Florida DOC database. 

There are a variety of reasons to locate an inmate. There are some web-based inmate locator services. That can make going through the federal and state level database much easier if you need to find an inmate web-based inmate locator to make finding someone a lot easier. They can streamline the process and allow you to gather information quickly and efficiently.


How do I locate an inmate in the US?

It depends on if the inmate is in state or federal custody. If they are in federal custody, check the Federal Bureau of Prisons, otherwise check the state system.


How do I find an inmate in Arizona?

You will have to check the The ADC or Arizona Department of Corrections website

Is Trulincs and CorrLinks the same?

Yes, Corrlinks operates the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System or TRULINCS

How do I find an inmate in Texas?

You will have to search for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or TDCJ website database`.

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