With online dating apps becoming more and more popular, scammers are now using these platforms to search for their next victim. Don’t let yourself become one. Instant Background Check | Find People, Numbers, & Addresses

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5 Dating Tips And Why You Should Use Clicksearch

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***ClickSearch is NOT a phone spying service. Users will never have the ability to surreptitiously track, monitor, or spy on someone’s phone. ClickSearch cannot be used to stalk, secretly track, or monitor someone’s cell phone without them knowing.***

A few years ago, online dating was seen as an avenue for those who were not able to find a partner in the real world. A place for the desperate and those who are not lucky in love. Well, time flies and so does the way we look at things. Online dating sites have become a very popular venue for hookups, meeting new people, and even for finding a lifelong partner. In fact, thousands of couples have found their happily ever after on the internet.

Find Out More About Your Date

Of course, not all online stories end up with happy endings. While a lot of people on dating apps are genuinely looking for a partner, there are those who are just there to scam people. Much like any other website on the internet, dating sites are not immune to scammers. Acting as the person of your dreams, these people are only looking out for any tiny bit of information that you might let slip out. Whether it’s a phone number, or a photo of your house or street you live on, all they need is a hint of your identity for them to steal.

So, while there is a chance to meet your future partner online, you should also be careful and learn how to protect yourself when it comes to online dating.

5 Tips for a Safe Online Dating Experience

1. Protect your personal information

It is important that you do not share any personal information in public and be careful not to provide too much information to someone you have just met online or on the web too soon. The information you need to protect carefully includes your full name, place of work, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, credit card details, and other financial information. Think twice before adding a potential date or someone you’ve just met on social media. People on social networks often contain a lot of personal information, so it’s best to keep it private and only for people you know and trust.

2. Never send money or financial information

Never respond to a request for money or financial information through an online dating application or website, especially if the person is abroad. If this happens, you should immediately report a profile that asks for money on the platform or site you are using, as this may be a scam. 

3. Secure your location settings

If possible, don’t allow location sharing in the dating app, and don’t share photos or videos with location information. It might just be an innocent picture to you, but for scammers, a house number, car plate number, or street name is all they need in order to get more information about you.

4. Keep your kids safe

Make sure your dating profile doesn’t include photos or information about your kids. If your children are talking to someone you just met online, make sure you pay attention to what you share – remember that if you are not feeling good with anyone you meet online, it is best to stop all forms of communication with the person. 

5. Report suspicious or offensive behavior

If you feel uncomfortable about someone you know online, it’s best to stop talking to them and move on to someone else. If their behavior is offensive or suspicious, you should immediately report their profile on the platform and block them from contacting you. Examples of behaviors you should report include requests for money or gifts, a minor using an inappropriate platform, sending offensive or hurtful messages, someone who does not behave appropriately for personal encounters, and fraudulent profiles. 

Applying these tips whenever you are on a dating site will not guarantee 100% protection from scammers, but these will give you a heads-up on what signs you need to be aware of when you meet someone new.

Another approach you can take to avoid becoming a scam victim is to do your work before you even engage someone online. Learn more about a person before even sending your first hellos. The best way to do this is to make use of a people finder service like ClickSearch.


What is ClickSearch

Click Search is a search engine created specifically to search for people and relevant information related to this person. Public records, arrest records, and everything you need for you to decide whether or not the person is worth your time. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These specialized search engines can provide you with even more.

This simple and intuitive search engine searches public directories and has a large database to find information about a person. A typical ClickSearch search result will give you addresses, both current and previous, email addresses, and social media accounts. It can also provide information on mugshots, gun licenses, liens, and even aliases and accomplices. Imagine all the time and effort you would spend if you were to individually search for all this information. This is the beauty of people-finder programs like ClickSearch. All you need to do is key in a name or phone number in the search bar and it will do all the work for you! In an instant you will get all the info you need and more.

Why Should I Use ClickSearch?

The people behind ClickSearch believe that reliable information should be made available to everyday people. It has to be available quickly and completely, at any time it is needed. The information is out there even without ClickSearch. The problem is how you can access it in the cheapest, quickest, and easiest way possible.

Think of the team over at ClickSearch as a personal support group for us, our significant others, and the rest of our loved ones. Their goal is to provide us peace of mind in all our interactions with other people, both physically and digitally. And providing the right information, along with granting easy access to that data, puts us on the fast track toward achieving that goal.

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