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How Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

how cheaters cover their tracks
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Cheating on your partner is something that most hope never happens. It is heartbreaking, hurtful, and unthinkable. How can one cheat on their wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend? And cheaters are often very good at hiding their tracks, masking the evidence of their infidelity and making it difficult to catch them. But, how do cheaters hide their actions? 

How Cheaters Hide Their Tracks 

Get A Separate Credit Card

One of the easiest ways to reveal a cheating husband, wife, or partner is by viewing your shared credit card statement. However, if they are smart, they will take get a new credit card in their name you don’t know about. Then, they can hide all of their cheating expenses like for jewelry or dinner on that card. 

Limit The Showing of Cheating Signs and Red Flags

Most people today know the signs of cheating or at least that something is off in a relationship. This includes those that are cheating on their partner. They will do their best to hide the typical signs of cheating. For example, they will let you know who they’re texting or will ensure they pay enough attention to you so you don’t catch onto their cheating ways. 

Create A Fake Phone Number 

A cheating amateur will utilize their own phone and a built-in text messaging to communicate with whom they’re cheating. Most smart cheaters will utilize apps like Burner or Hushed to create a fake phone number. This will aid in keeping all cheating texts private and hide the fact they are married or in a relationship.

Use Incognito Mode

One of the go-to ways to catch a cheater is by checking their browser history. However, cheaters may use Incognito Mode on Google Chrome so their web history is not tracked and viewable by others. 

Utilize Private Messaging Apps

Private messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Kik, LINE, Instagram, and more are popular among cheaters to secretly communicate with their side piece. Many of these apps include security measures to prevent another person from accessing an account without entering a specific code or pin or answering security questions. 

Use Cheating/Hookup Specific Dating Apps

There is a dating app for everyone today, even those that are cheating on their partner. Some dating apps specifically marketed to be used by cheaters include Ashley Madison, Adult Friend Finder, and Victoria Milan.

Keep No Physical Evidence

Cheaters who don’t want to get caught will not only hide evidence of cheating on their phone but physical evidence of cheating. This includes lingerie (that is not yours), receipts, and gifts. 

Change Up Their Routine Regularly

To avoid you spying on them, your partner will likely change up their routine. They will use acceptable reasons to be out like working late, hanging out with the guys, and having to make errands. They will say they are somewhere but actually be in another place. 

Cheating is something you don’t want to happen in your relationship but can. It is something you want to catch right away to prevent further heartbreak. One such way to catch a cheater is by looking up phone numbers they are calling and texting with ClickSearch

With ClickSearch, simply enter the phone number your partner is texting or calling to learn more about who owns the phone number. You may uncover the following information:

  • Full Name & Aliases
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Email Address
  • Where They Live
  • Work and Educational History
  • Criminal History
  • Financial HIstory 
  • And more!

For all you know, they may be cheating on you with your best friend, co-worker, or neighbor!

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