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How To Find Out Who Your Partner Is Texting

Who is my partner texting
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Who is he texting in the middle of the night? Why does he get so jumpy when his phone beeps for an incoming text message? Why is she carrying her phone with her all the time? Even though you wish to believe that everything is well in your relationship, you also can’t just ignore red flags.

Trust is indeed a good sign and a crucial factor of any healthy and happy relationship. That said, simply ignoring warning signs will eventually lead to a very toxic relationship. It’s best to address any issue as it arises. Of course, you have to remember your boundaries and think about how your actions would impact your relationship.

Is Your Partner Cheating?

Why View A Partner’s Messages?

So your partner has been glued to their phone lately and you’re starting to ask yourself questions like: “Who is he texting?”; “Why is she always smiling when she’s texting someone?”; “Why can’t he put down his phone all of a sudden?” 

Of course, just because your partner’s texting a lot lately, it doesn’t exactly mean that they’re already cheating on you. They could just be catching up with friends. Perhaps they have a lot going on at work and they’re simply getting updates from their colleagues. 

Avoid jumping to conclusions. If, however, you think that something is off, it’s best to observe your partner’s actions more closely. There are some tell-tale signs that your partner might be texting someone else, that there is someone else in the picture.

Best Way To Find Out Who They’re Texting

Find out who he is texting

There are several ways to uncover the identity of the person that’s been exchanging text messages with your partner. Before we discuss them, I believe it merits putting it out here that talking it out with your partner should always be your first option. 

The most common reason why people want to check who their partner is texting is a niggling suspicion that their partner is cheating. However, some may want to do so because they are worried about their partner. Perhaps their partner is looking worried and stressed out when texting. 

Take note though that there might be no turning back once you resort to these ways, especially if your partner catches you in the act. If all you really need is concrete proof, however, then these could be of great help.

  • Go Through Your Partner’s Phone

This is the most obvious and straightforward way. If you get a hold of your partner’s phone, you can check out his messages and any information that would grant you the evidence you need. Also, make sure that you close any tabs you open and put the phone back exactly how you got it.

You must, however, be very clever about doing this so you won’t get caught. It could also be extra tricky to do if your partner’s phone has a passcode or they barely leave their phone unattended.

  • Confide with Your and Your Partner’s Family and Friends

First off, you need to choose the people you confide in. Make sure you have a strong relationship with them. At the same time, make sure that those you talk to won’t stand for cheating even if they are closer with your partner. You can then enlist their help to help you find out the truth. 

  • Use a Monitoring Software

This is an effective solution since it can keep track of text messages and just about any activity on the target device. This should, however, be your final resort. Use it only if you’re confident that your partner is cheating. First off, you’d have to pay for reliable monitoring software. Moreover, using monitoring software and apps is subject to certain laws. Technically, you can only do so with a device that you own or with the explicit consent of the target phone’s owner. 

Signs They Are Texting Someone Else

Don’t jump to conclusions. Remember, your relationship is on the line here. There are signs you should watch out for, pay attention to these red flags:

  • Overprotective of Their Phone

If your partner is overprotective of their phone and wouldn’t even let you borrow it to take a photo or make a call, then something might be up. This is especially so if they used to let you use their phone freely in the past. If they also suddenly change their passcode when they used to tell you all their passwords in the past – big red flags.

  • Always On Their Phone

Using one’s phone regularly is nothing alarming in this digital age. However, if your partner is glued to their phone to the point of ignoring you, then there might be something to be worried about.

  • Secretive of Their Phone Use

Does your partner immediately turn their phone screen away from you when you get near them? Does your partner immediately grab their phone every time they get a new notification? Won’t your partner even answer their text around you yet you wake up to them texting in the middle of the night? Well, those are red flags flying all around.

  • Gets Overly Defensive

It’s only normal to get curious about what’s making your partner smile or laugh out loud while texting. You could even casually ask who they’re texting if you see them on their phone just to start a conversation. Now if your partner gets overly defensive about questions that are easy enough to answer, they just might be hiding something from you.

How ClickSearch Can Find Out Who They’re Texting

Okay, so you’ve actually found the text messages confirming that your partner is cheating. What if it’s saved under a name you don’t recognize? Perhaps you recognize the name but know a few ones of the same name? Well, the next step is to make sure that you get the mysterious texter’s identity right. You wouldn’t want to match the wrong name to the wrong person or vice versa.

The best solution to this is to use a reliable people search engine like ClickSearch. There are two possible ways that you can go about this.

  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup

If you are unsure about the identity behind the number, simply take careful note of the number and do the following:

  1. Go to the ClickSearch Reverse Phone Search webpage.
  2. Enter the phone number on the search bar.
  3. Click the Search icon.
  4. Look through the generated search report where you can find out the name of the number’s owner along with other details.
  • People Search

Once you get the name but don’t recognize the person, you can do a people search. You can also do this if you know multiple people with the same name as the one saved to your partner’s phone. Simply do the following steps:

  1. Go to the ClickSearch Person Search webpage.
  2. Enter the full name you want to have details on.
  3. Click the Search bar.
  4. Match the name to the phone number by going through the search report. 

How To Confront Your Partner

See who he is texting

Before you confront your partner, make sure that you have your facts straight. As much as possible, do the confrontation in a neutral place, somewhere you both feel safe. Think about what you actually want to happen-would you like to resolve it and try to mend your relationship or do you just want the truth from them so you could break it off without unanswered questions.

Whether you want to work through it together or decide to leave and move on by yourself, make sure that your mind is set. It would also help to surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart. If you believe you’d need professional help, don’t hesitate to see a therapist. At the end of the day, it would be about your healing so you can move forward with a lighter heart and a more peaceful mind.

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