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Is Your Partner An Instagram Cheater? How To Find Out!

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Are you worried that your partner is an Instagram cheater? Everybody knows what a cheater is. But is it considered cheating if you simply like another person’s photos on social media? 

Regardless of the platform, cheating is cheating. What may seem like an innocent interaction may already be hurting your partner’s feelings. No matter what the platform is if your partner is destroying the trust you have for him, it is already cheating. Even if he is simply using the Instagram app to appreciate other women’s beauty, it is still cheating. 

If there is something to conceal, even if it is a simple comment on Instagram, it can already be considered Instagram cheating or micro-cheating. And this can later progress to an actual physical affair. 

So if you are bothered that your partner is doing this, you should act early to save the relationship. 

But how do you confirm that your partner is cheating through Instagram? Here are some of our tips:

Is Your Partner Cheating On You?

Why Use Instagram to Cheat?

Instagram is among the most widely used social media platforms in the world. It has more than 400 million active users in a month. And based on its data, the average Instagram user spends two hours and 22 minutes per day on the app. With this number, it’s no surprise why cheaters have started to use the app to look for someone to flirt with. 

Even more surprising, a 2014 study from Britain revealed that a third of U.K. separation cases cited Instagram in the study. Since then, that number has widely risen. 

People generally think that their actions on Instagram do not really mean anything. This thinking alone is one reason that could motivate a person to cheat using the app. They believe that their action is innocent and mindless, but they forget that their partner is also hurting in the process. 

And with how simple social media cheating starts, it’s no wonder why many are doing it. But then again, that’s just the first step to actually cheating on your partner.

Methods of Instagram Cheating

instagram cheating signs

So how exactly do Instagram cheaters commit the act using this social media platform? There are plenty of ways someone can cheat on social media. If you want to know how your partner is cheating on you through Instagram, here are some of the most common methods they are doing this:

Constantly Commenting and Interacting on Someone Else’s Profile

Does your partner always seem to be commenting and interacting with one particular person’s account on social media? Is his comment or like showing up on your feed? 

This effortless and somewhat innocent action is actually a sign of infatuation. If left uncontrolled, it could lead to cheating with someone physically. 

When we use social media, we interact with different people. But once that other person starts engaging with you more, you can’t help but become close to each other. And that’s where we start liking one person in particular and zone out everyone else, especially when you act single on social media. 

Sending DMs to Another Person

Instagram DM cheating is very common these days. If your partner is always on his phone and seems to be in constant communication with someone else, it could be because he is already speaking to someone through Instagram. 

You’ll know that your partner is engaging with someone through Instagram DMs because they seem to be texting late into the night. They may have already started to flirt with someone else on social media. Sending late-night DMs can already be considered a type of micro-cheating. It often blurs the thin line between a harmless flirtation and inappropriate intimacy. 

Unfortunately, most men do not consider late-night calls, texts, and DMs as a form of cheating. On the other hand, women believe that men who talk to other women late into the night are a sign of infidelity and disrespect. 

The good news is, Instagram can let you know if one of your followers is active. So if you can take a screenshot of your partner staying online when he’s supposed to be asleep, you can confront them about it. 

Liking Old Posts

Liking another person’s old posts can also be considered one of the starting signs of cheating. If your partner recently liked an Instagram post that is over 2 years old, that can suggest something. Especially if that other person posts a lot of content on his feed, going way back to that time can be a very tiring task. It really takes a person’s time and energy to go through their account from years ago. And that only means that you are invested in that person. 

Creating a Pseudo Account

One of the most common Instagram cheating signs is when your partner has created a pseudo or dummy account just to stay hidden. Why would your partner create a second account? Obviously, this is so they can hide their tracks. 

Unfortunately, this can be hard to uncover, especially if the account doesn’t have any content. But you can check his Instagram account and see if two or more accounts are linked to it. 

Trust is a strong foundation of any relationship. And if your partner is keeping a second Instagram account a secret from you, it could be possible that he is hiding something that he doesn’t want you to discover. 

Thanks to Instagram’s algorithm, though, you may be seeing a constant friend suggestion. If your gut is telling you something, make sure to listen to it. It could be your partner’s pseudo account. 

Signs of an Instagram Affair

So how to catch a cheater on Instagram? Here are some of the signs you can look out for:

Weird Behavior

Has your partner’s behavior changed suddenly? Apart from sticking to the phone all day, he stopped talking to you about the little things in his day? Has he stopped saying, “I love you?” 

If your partner has changed suddenly, it could be an indication that he is withdrawing from you. 

Smiling on the Phone

Apart from frequently being on his phone, your partner may start smiling more while looking at it. You may ask him why he’s smiling, and he may show you something harmless that caught his eye. 

But if he’s unwilling to share what it is and quickly stows away his phone, it may be because he is talking to someone that he doesn’t want you to know. Always check what his response is when you ask him what he finds amusing on his phone. 

You Just Feel It

If you have a gut feeling telling you someone is cheating on Instagram, it may be true. Especially if it’s hard to ignore, you should listen to it. 

You can try and ask your partner about it and see what his reaction is. His body language and words may just be enough to let you know how honest he is. 

How to Catch an Instagram Cheater

So how do you catch a cheater? All the actions above don’t necessarily mean that your partner is cheating on you. But micro-cheating can still harm and impact your relationship. Even if the action may seem small, it can gradually destroy a person’s trust. 

If you suspect that your partner is cheating, there are apps that you can consider using to help shed light on your suspicions. By using these apps, you can discover the truth once and for all, even if your partner continues to be dishonest with you.  

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