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Red Flags To Look Out For While Searching For The One

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The recent topic of conversation when it comes to finding the one is ‘red flags.’ There are so many different types of red flags in a partner whether it is toxic, abusive, or even just traits of a person that show they may not be compatible. If you detect any red flags, it’s either time to quit the connection and move on, or it’s time to talk about these warning signs and give them a chance to develop and change.

It is essential you consider red flags in others, and if you want to understand different forms of red flags in men and women, you will know what to watch for after reading this article. But what exactly is a red flag?

What Are Red Flags? 

red flags to look for


Let’s go over the term “red flag.” 

The word itself refers to a reason to stop or even a warning sign. In a relationship, there are early signs of red flags that make it seem like an individual might be toxic or dangerous. These are important to notice whether before or after you commit to a person. But why is it called a ‘red flag?’

It’s a message that you shouldn’t be with them if you observe a red flag on your person. If you remain in the relationship, you may end up jeopardizing your physical and emotional health and creating an unhealthy connection. This is why, even if you’ve just met someone and are getting to know them, it’s important to be on the lookout for any red flags.

But what are examples of a red flag in a relationship? 

10 Red Flags In A Relationship 

what are red flags

Lack Of Communication

If your partner avoids communicating with you whether it is about their day or maybe even personal issues, this is a red flag. A healthy relationship will consist of good communication and working through issues together. 

Controlling Behavior 

A controlling partner is a big red flag in a relationship that will help you realize that you should not be with that person. Signs of controlling behavior might be comments telling you what to wear or even who you can and cannot talk to. If your partner is controlling you, this means they have personal issues within themselves that they need to work on before they can be in a relationship with someone else. If you notice controlling behavior in your partner, it’s best to rethink your relationship and picture how this can affect your future. 

Bad Relationships With Friends And Family 

One of the most important things to look for in a person is their relationship with either their family or friends. If they do not have a healthy relationship with their family, this usually leads to aggressive behavior or even violence. If a person does not have a good relationship with friends and tends to alienate themselves, this is a red flag. Pursuing something with someone who has bad relationships with friends and family can lead to an unhealthy relationship. 


If someone is gaslighting you, this means they are attempting to manipulate you into thinking you did something wrong to disclose something they might have done, or in other words, blaming you for something they caused. An example of gaslighting in a relationship would be cheating. Say your partner is accusing you of cheating and is very persistent in ending the relationship because they are convinced you cheated, this is gaslighting. Gaslighting in a relationship is a big red flag to look out for. 

Verbal Abuse

Another red flag to look out for while searching for the one is verbal abuse. If a partner exhibits episodes of verbal abuse towards you, animals, strangers, or even other loved ones, this is something to be concerned about. This usually means that they are not capable of dealing with their emotions healthily. 


When your partner is inconsistent in either their emotions or actions, this is a red flag in a relationship. If your partner is not consistent in opening up with their feelings and you notice their actions change frequently based on their mood this is something you might want to consider when in a relationship. An inconsistent partner is usually leased to narcissistic behavior towards you and others. 


Narcissistic behavior can come from a variety of childhood experiences and if you notice your partner may have some of these tendencies that is a big red flag. If your partner possesses one or more of the below traits, you may be in a narcissistic relationship. 

  • A sense of entitlement or superiority.
  • Lack of sympathy 
  • Controlling behavior 
  • Craves admiration from other people. 
  • Selfish towards you and others. 

Narcissistic behavior usually leads to infidelity and constant attention from others. 

Constant Fighting

It is normal to get into arguments with your partner, but if you notice you and your partner cannot come to an agreement on things or there are repetitive argument cycles, that is a relationship red flag. Lack of communication, understanding, and respect is usually the cause of these cycles. 

Stories of “Crazy Exes” 

It is always important to look at your partner’s past relationships to notice any red flags. If your partner likes to refer to his exes as crazy, this should be included in the relationship red flag list that should concern you. This could mean that they do not respect people they once cared for. 

Emotionally Unavailable 

Another red flag in a relationship is if you notice that your partner is emotionally unavailable. This could mean one of two things; they fear commitment or they lacked affection in their childhood. If you notice that even though someone is open to going on dates and meeting your friends but they do not talk about having an official relationship, this is a red flag to know when in a relationship. 

How To Get Out Of The Relationship

red flags in relationship

Noticing a few flaws in your partner does not necessarily mean you have to break up, but it does mean you should notice these warning signs and keep an eye on their behavior. If you do start to notice any repetitive red flags like the ones mentioned above in your partner and are not sure how to get out of it, here is what to do.

  • Try to talk to your partner.
  • Talk to a friend, family member, or counselor.
  • Know your boundaries.
  • Don’t let them manipulate you. 
  • Accept and willingly let go of the relationship. 

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