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Who Is My Boyfriend Texting?

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Do you constantly worry about who your boyfriend is texting in the middle of the night? Is he acting secretive around you while he is on his phone or when he receives a notification? It is not best to just jump to conclusions, but do not ignore these early warning signs that your boyfriend might be cheating. 

The most important factor in a relationship is trust, and without it, there is no chance of having a healthy relationship. If you notice your boyfriend may be showing red flags, it is best to confront any problems as soon as you notice them. 

Why Should You Look At Your Boyfriend’s Messages? 

signs my boyfriend is texting someone else

Your boyfriend has been distant lately and you have been asking yourself, “Who is my boyfriend texting?”; “Why is he constantly smiling and texting on his phone?” or “Why won’t he put his phone down?” 

If you have been asking yourself any of these questions, do not jump to the conclusion your boyfriend is cheating. This does not necessarily mean they are cheating on you, but if you are worried then trust your instincts and act appropriately. 

There are certain signs you should be aware of to know if your boyfriend is texting someone else or there might be someone else on their mind other than you.

4 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Texting Someone Else

who is my boyfriend texting

Although you do not want to assume your boyfriend is already cheating on you, do not just ignore any red flags that they are texting someone else: 

  • Being Overprotective of Their Phone

If you notice your boyfriend is being overprotective of their phone, especially around you, then this is a sign they might be texting someone else. If your boyfriend used to have no problem letting you borrow their phone or told you all their passwords and then suddenly is acting like they have something to hide – this is a BIG red flag. 

  • Constantly On Their Phone

If your boyfriend is on their phone regularly, then this is nothing to be alarmed about. However, if you notice your boyfriend is always texting on their phone while being secretive about it to the point they ignore you, that is a sign your boyfriend is texting someone else. 

  • Secretly Using Their Phone 

Have you noticed your boyfriend turns their phone screen away from you when you are around? Whether you are at dinner and he turns his phone face down or every time he receives a notification he turns his phone screen off, this is a sign your boyfriend is texting someone else. Do not ignore these signs if you notice them. 

  • Overly Defensive 

Let’s say your boyfriend receives a text or notification that makes them laugh or smile without telling you, there is a reason behind it. If you ask your boyfriend who they are texting and they get overly defensive or mad about it, this could mean your boyfriend is texting someone else. 

How To Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting 

There are a few ways you can find out who your boyfriend is texting. Before going through them, it is best to always try and discuss anything with your boyfriend you’re concerned about. This way, you do not assume they are cheating or jumping to the conclusion that they might be texting someone else. 

The main assumption most people have when they want to find out who their boyfriend is texting is the suspicion they might be cheating. Although that is the most common reason, some may want to find out who their boyfriend is texting in case they notice they are stressed or sad. 

Always remember there might be consequences if you decide to try one of the three ways mentioned below to find out who your boyfriend is texting. However, if you do end up finding out our suspicions are true, then this could help you out in the long run.

  • Go Through Your Boyfriends Phone 

This may seem the most obvious option to do to find out who your boyfriend is texting, but it does help a great deal. If you get ahold of your boyfriend’s phone, you can view any text messages or social media activity that may provide the evidence you need. Be sure to close any apps you open before you return your boyfriend’s phone if they do not permit you to look through it. 

  • Reach Out To Family Or Friends 

If possible, try to reach out to your boyfriend’s family or friends to discuss their secretive behavior in the case he might have mentioned something to them. Of course, only talk to people you have a strong relationship with and you can trust won’t go running back to your boyfriend. If you can confide in a trusting person that might know something about who your boyfriend is texting, then maybe you can find out the truth. 

  • Use a Public Phone Search Engine

If you found an unknown phone number or a number not saved on your boyfriends’ phone that they have been texting every day, then a public phone search engine like ClickSearch will help you find out who the phone number belongs to. A public phone search engine will allow you to search any phone number and find out information like their name, age, where they are from, and more. 

How To Confront Your Boyfriend 

how to find out who my boyfriend is texting

Before you confront your boyfriends about who they are texting, make sure to gather any information you may have found or even lay the facts straight about any warning signs you have been noticing. The best way to go about confronting your boyfriend is trying to discuss in a space where you both are comfortable talking about personal feelings and information. Also think about what you are expecting from the conversation, whether you want to try to resolve and continue the relationship or find out the truth and end things. This decision is completely up to you. 

If you are looking to either work through it together or you decide to move forward by yourself, decide before confronting your boyfriend. It is also always good to try and talk to people who have your best interest at heart and give you advice before confronting your boyfriend. In the end, if you do find out your boyfriend is texting someone else, you will get peace of mind to move on and heal. 

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