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Why and When Should I Block My Ex?

why should i block an ex
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***ClickSearch is NOT a phone spying service. Users will never have the ability to surreptitiously track, monitor, or spy on someone’s phone. ClickSearch cannot be used to stalk, secretly track, or monitor someone’s cell phone without them knowing.***

Just as no two relationships are alike, so too are breakups. The reason for your breakup might not be the same as your best friend’s reason for their separation from their partner. It could either be a lack of time or effort from one or both partners, or, one is cheating, or, simply, it doesn’t work anymore. We’ve all had our share of breakups. From loving relationships to falling out of love, some would say that breakups are a part of life. We just have to learn to live with it. Sure, a lot of us can move on and eventually find another partner. That’s not news. The real question we should be asking is: Should I block my ex?

There is no blanket answer for this question. It’s not a one size fits all kind of situation. Just like we have our own reasons as to why the relationship didn’t work, we can also justify why we decided to block – or not – our former partners from our shared social media platforms. While others might have already made up their mind, there are quite a few who are still unsure of what to do.

If you are one of those who are still on the fence whether you entirely let go or keep a few communication lines open, you don’t have to worry. Especially if you and your partner spent quite a few years together, this is perfectly natural. You can go back and forth in your head all you want. Review all the pros and cons both scenarios offer and decide what’s best for you. What’s important is that you move at your own pace. Take all the time you need to decide and do not let anyone force you to rush into a decision.

Why Should I Block My Ex?

If you are looking for reasons why blocking your ex would be good for you, let us give you a few:

  • To Help You Get Over Them

Should I block my ex to get over him? If you still want to get back together with your partner, and it’s clear that the feeling is not mutual, then it is probably time to let go and move on. One-way relationships are never healthy and can only lead to more hurt feelings, especially when you see their posts on social media and they seem happy. If it’s pretty obvious that your former lover has learned to enjoy life without you around, then you should do the same.

  • Cut Off All Contact

Sometimes it is just easier to quit cold turkey. Cutting off all lines of communication at the same time might be the remedy you need to get you out of the blues. Usually, we’re alone at home with no one to talk to; we tend to call or message our exes. Maybe it’s just to talk, or you are trying to rekindle the fire you two once had. If the other person has no plans to get back together, such communication can just hurt you more.

Or it may be the other way around. Maybe it’s you who doesn’t want to reunite, and your partner is the one who is insisting that life is just better when you two are a couple. If this is not what you want and the calls and messages are becoming more frequent, then removing his or her number from your phone and cutting all ties on social media is the best remedy so you can both move on with your lives separately.

  • They Are Toxic and Playing With Your Emotions

If you ended up getting into a toxic relationship and decide to end the relationship, then blocking your ex is the only solution. If your former partner was abusive, both physically and mentally, or extremely jealous and possessive, then clearly it was not a healthy relationship to begin with. What’s worse is that even though you clearly want out, they know exactly how to pull you back in. Be it through their charm or their words, they know the right buttons to push to make you believe that he or she is the right person for you. They might even make you feel guilty for trying to break up with them. As if all the problems in the relationship are your fault and that you should be thankful that there is someone (them) who is willing to be your partner.

If you get the chance to break away from this toxic partnership, take the opportunity and disconnect immediately, physically and digitally. Do not give them another chance to reach out to you and pull you back in.

  • To Stop the Cycle

On and off relationships are hard to maintain and can be very taxing to both partners. One day you are all lovey-dovey, then after one fight, you break up only to get back together after a few days. Sure we all get into fights with our partners, those are natural events in any relationship. And a call to cool off can sometimes be warranted. But if this seems to be happening a lot, and you find yourselves breaking up after the pettiest of arguments, then maybe you both need to call it quits one last time. Make the move to block your partner and end this sad and hurtful cycle.

Now that we’ve given you a few scenarios on the reason to block your ex, maybe you can now decide whether cutting ties with him or her, would be good for you or not. If you think that no communication at all is the best way for you and your ex to move on from your relationship, then the next issue would be: when. Is it best to block an ex immediately after the breakup? Or should you wait until all emotions have settled down?

Just like with the question of if you should block your ex, answering when you should block also varies. There is no definite point in time that is applicable to all relationships. To some, the day on the breakup will do, while others need time before making an important decision. Allow us to say this again: take your time and do not let anyone force you into making a rushed decision. 

When Is A Good Time To Block Your Ex?

blocking an ex

While the decision as to when to block your ex is entirely up to you, if you find yourself relating to these cases below, then maybe you need to make that decision at the earliest time possible.

  • When You Are Ready To Let Go

Breakups are hard. There is no way to get around that fact. After all the time and effort went to waste, it’s perfectly understandable why it’s hard to let go immediately. A lot of people go through an emotional roller coaster ride before they finally settle down to think about what they want to happen next.

But after all the crying, all the wine and beers, and after all the binge-eating in front of your favorite rom-com, maybe you have come to terms with reality. If you are ready to step back out into the world again, and you have realized that life can go on without the former love of your life, then maybe it is time to block your ex.

  • If They Are Harassing You

This should be a no-brainer. Just like toxic behavior, you just have to cut off all lines of communication immediately. Not only is harassment mentally and emotionally draining, but it can also lead to physical harassment which is a very dangerous situation for anyone to be in.

This usually happens when it is you who initiated the breakup and the other person is not ready to let go. Most likely not thinking things through, he or she tries to make contact with you non-stop, coming up with all flowery words and promises that everything will be better if you give yourselves another chance,  Little do they know that the more persistent they are in trying to get you back, the farther away they are pushing you.

  • They Are Constantly Posting To Try And Get You Jealous

One of the oldest tricks in the book. Hook up with a new partner and flaunt your new relationship everywhere. This was a common scene in High Schools and Universities – maybe it still is. But now this tactic has reached social media, where you can now see your old flame and his or her new partner any time, all the time. They love to post pictures of them looking like they are over you and have moved on. But, secretly, all they are doing is to try to get you jealous and make it look like you’re missing out on a lot since the breakup. 

If this attention-seeking tactic is successful in getting under your skin, then it’s best to just block your ex so you won’t be updated whenever they post another picture. This way, the make-you-jealous-so-get-back-together scheme will be all for naught.   

Knowing why and when to clock your ex can help you from doubting whether you have made the correct choice or not. While breakups are very emotional, the decision to cut off communication with your ex should not be driven by what you feel at the time. For example, you were so angry that your partner ended things with you so you immediately retaliated blocking him or her from calling you or reaching out through social media. By the time your anger has died down and you realize that things can still work out between you two, it might already be too late. Maybe they took the hint that by blocking them, you wanted to completely cut off the relationship with no chance of reconciliation. You may have just sabotaged yourself and your chance at a happy ending.

So remember that before you decide to block your ex, make sure that you have weighed things out. Except in situations where there is a danger to yourself like when there is harassment or a possible physical threat to you, take time to know all the pros and cons between keeping open lines and totally cutting off all communication. Only then should you make your next move. 

We know that toxic relationships and ex-partners that harass you are no-brain reasons to block your ex, but what if it was a clean, and amicable break? Should I block him when a platonic friendship might still be on the board?  Should I block her even if she was the best partner I’ve ever had? What good will blocking my ex bring when, on the surface, I don’t see any issue with us being able to still communicate with each other?

Now that you have actually blocked your ex, you’ve deleted his or her number from your phone’s contacts list and removed him or her as your friend on social media, what’s next? What should you expect to feel after the block? Did I really have to block my ex? You might not see it right away, especially if the breakup was clean and agreed upon by both parties, but not being able to see what your ex is up to AY (after you) can be good for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing To Block Your Ex? 

getting over an ex
  • Inner Peace

Most couples who break up continue to keep track of their exes. It might not be a daily thing, but most former couples like to secretly check up on each other from time to time. The reason for doing this varies with every couple and the kind of relationship they have – or had.

Maybe you are concerned about how your ex is doing. Knowing that he or she is doing well after the breakup can reassure you that going separate ways was the best thing to do. But for some others, they spy on each other in order to ‘one up’ the other. When you see your ex-post a picture that they are enjoying life without you, you are inclined to make your own post trying to say: you’ve got it good now, but I’ve got it even better.

These mind games are actually defeating the purpose of the breakup. Instead of being free from each others’ influences, you are actually even more tied up with the life of the other than when you were together. 

In this scenario, blocking off all interaction with your ex can do wonders for your inner peace. Not having to see what he or she is up to, and not having the need to post something better can set your mind at ease.

  • Better Mental Health

Especially for those who are into abusive and controlling relationships, this benefit of blocking an ex is the most important goal to achieve. Depression, self-esteem issues, and loss of confidence in oneself are just some of the mental health issues that can come out of being in a bad relationship. If these mental health problems are not treated immediately, then it can affect your physical health as well, with self-harm being the worst-case scenario.

If and when you are able to get out of these kinds of relationships, shutting them out immediately – both physically and digitally – should be on the top of your list. Blocking your ex in the name of self-care should trump any other reason to keep track of your ex’s activities

  • Makes It Easier To Forget About Them

If you find it hard to move on from your ex because his posts keep appearing on your timeline, then it may be best for you to block his accounts. Forgetting about your ex and your past relationship doesn’t mean it was a bad match for both of you. But if you are ready to move on with your life and be completely detached from your past, then blocking to forget is one way to achieve that.

  • What You Don’t See Won’t Hurt You

Maybe you’re not yet ready to move on. Maybe you’re still hoping that you and your partner will get back together. If you just have the chance to talk to your ex, you can convince him or her that life is better when you’re together. But your calls are being ignored and all posts on his or her social media account are all happy images and messages. Even worse, there is a new person appearing in the photos and it’s happening more and more. Could they have moved on already?

It’s best for you to keep your sanity and block your ex so you won’t wallow in tears every time you are notified about your ex’s activities. Block him and move on.

  • More Time For Yourself

Breaking up often means that you should have more time for yourself. Spending it by keeping tabs on your ex is not a healthy way of making use of that time. Maybe you’re not doing it intentionally, but if you often find yourself mindlessly scrolling through his or her profile, then maybe it’s time to block your ex, both mentally and digitally. If you’re not ready to move at this point in time, find an activity or a hobby that will keep you away from your phone or computer.

Now that you have a boatload of information, should you block your ex?

With all the benefits blocking your ex can do for you, it does make sense to cut off ties with your previous partner. Not only to get away from him or her but more importantly, for your wellness as well. Plus, if ever you enter into a new relationship, it would be fair to him or her that you have no way you, or your ex, can reach you easily.

Worried Your Ex Is Trying to Reach You?

Now that you’re happily single, or in a new relationship you are trying to grow and nurture, do you worry that your ex might be trying to reach you? Maybe the reason for your worry is that there is an unknown number who keeps calling you non-stop. If the breakup was mutual and clean, then maybe you can just talk to your ex and explain why he or she should stop calling. But what if your ex was abusive and has been harassing you before you blocked his number?

It is possible that he or she got a new number and is now trying to reach you again. 

Would you risk taking that call? Don’t you wish that there was a way to find out who is calling you without having to answer the call?

Let ClickSearch help you

ClickSearch is a people-finder app that has millions of data stored on its secure servers that can get you the information you need. You just simply type in the name of your ex and you will get up-to-date information instantly.  Know their current and previous addresses, current phone numbers, and even known aliases. You can even get to know if he or she has been arrested lately, or whether he now has a license for a gun.  Very important data when you are dealing with a volatile person.

Secure yourself with ClickSearch. Put a name to those unknown numbers and make sure that it’s not your crazy ex trying to drag you back to hell.

***ClickSearch is NOT a phone spying service. Users will never have the ability to surreptitiously track, monitor, or spy on someone’s phone. ClickSearch cannot be used to stalk, secretly track, or monitor someone’s cell phone without them knowing.***

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