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Worried About Cheating? 4 Ways to Not End Up With a Cheater

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Can you use a people search engine to find out if your partner is cheating? Can learning about their habits help make sure that my partner isn’t up to no good? Is there really any way to ensure that you won’t end up with a cheater? No one wants to end up with someone that constantly gives them a reason to worry about infidelity. Worrying too much about your partner cheating on you is not healthy for you as well as for your relationship. Hence. It’s understandable to want to look for ways to make sure that you don’t end up with a cheater.

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4 Ways to Avoid Ending Up With a Cheater

Is there a surefire way to not end up with a cheater? Well, not exactly. There are, however, certain steps you can take to ensure that you end up with someone who is most likely to remain faithful to you. Of course, you need to keep in mind that people and priorities do change; even true character and intention could surface after you’ve been together for a while. 

Here are some things you can do to at least reduce the chance of you ending up with a cheater:

  • Set Your Boundaries

Establish clear and open communication lines from the get-go. Talk about boundaries including the line that defines cheating or infidelity for you. 

Cheating, at least in its definition, could be subjective. Will talking to someone in a slightly flirty way constitute cheating? Is communicating with an ex a big no for you? You should both set boundaries and be reasonable about it. If your partner has no intentions of cheating, they’ll have no problem not crossing the boundaries set.


  • Learn About Cheating Red Flags

Make it a point to learn about signs that could point to your partner cheating on you. You’ll be surprised at how many people use the Google search engine to research cheating red flags. You can do the same. 

If you are well-informed on cheating red flags, you’ll have a higher chance to catch on earlier if your partner cheats on you. Some red flags could tell you if someone is a notorious cheater.

  • Pay Attention to Changes in Behavior and Habits

This one is more about getting out of a possibly toxic relationship as early as you can. Pay close attention to changes in their habits and behavior. Is your partner being too manipulative? Are they always shifting the blame on you or accusing you of cheating without basis?  If this happens after you’ve been in a relationship for a short while, chances are your partner’s simply showing their true colors. 

If you’ve been together longer and you notice changes, this could be indicative of your partner having an affair. Are they suddenly being secretive? Is your partner becoming increasingly absent physically and emotionally? If any of these are happening, it’s best to have a serious talk with your partner. It’s better to end the relationship than be in one full of deceit and disrespect.

  • Check Before You Commit

Make sure to get to know someone well first before entering into a relationship with them. If you notice certain habits that might point to them being a cheater, either run in the opposite direction or be prepared to risk ending up with a cheater.

Aside from getting to know them and assessing their character personally, you can also do a background check. Now, this step may not be for everyone. It could be a great step though especially if you met someone on some dating app or if you feel like they might be hiding something from you. You don’t have to hire a private investigator and all that. You can just do a search engine people search or order a background check report from a reputable and risk-free people or phone search engine.


How to Find Out if Someone is Cheating On You? 

You can take every step in carefully choosing a partner and yet still end up with a cheater. If your gut tells you that your partner could be cheating on you, act on it right away. 

  • Look for Suspicious Interactions on Social Media

Look for clues on their page and post likes, comments, new followers, and such. If you see an account that likes and interacts with your partner’s every post (and you don’t know that person), you can dig deeper. Cross-check their username with other social media platforms, particularly dating sites. You can also do a quick people search on them.

  • Check for Constant Contact with Strange Numbers

If you notice a number that’s constantly calling your partner, you might want to look into it. This is especially if your partner seems to avoid the topic when you bring it up. Get the number and do a reverse phone lookup using a people search engine freeing you from worrying about what ifs.

  • Look Out for Dating Profiles

You should check if your partner has any dating app installed on their phone. If they refuse to delete it even after reasoning that they’ve had it installed before you started dating, that’s a red flag. Check if they have active dating app profiles. You might also want to check for secret social media profiles just in case.

  • Monitor Their Location

Ask them to share their location with you as you share your location with them as well. This shouldn’t be a problem especially if it’s to ensure each other’s safety and make sure to reach the other easier in case of any emergency. You can use built-in location sharing features or use monitoring software.


You don’t really have total control over whether your partner would cheat on you or remain faithful. You can, however, take steps to at least make sure that you won’t enter a relationship with a serial cheater.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is it normal to worry about cheating?

Unfortunately, these could be normal feelings for people who have been betrayed in the past. However, it should not be normal to spend too much of one’s time worried about infidelity. If so, it could harm your health as well as your relationship in the long run.

  • What are the signs of cheating?

There are many cheating red flags you can watch out for. 

  • changes in habit 
  • Suddenly becoming secretive
  • losing interest in sex
  • being absent too much physically and emotionally
  • being hyper-critical of you
  • getting agitated easily 
  • being overly defensive
  • How do you catch someone cheating?

You can check for unusual social media interactions and/or late-night phone calls and secretive messages. If the situation warrants it, you can use monitoring software or even hire a private investigator.

  • What is the best people search engine?

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