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Phone Number Lookup: Staying Safe and Protecting Your Loved Ones

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***ClickSearch is NOT a phone spying service. Users will never have the ability to surreptitiously track, monitor, or spy on someone’s phone. ClickSearch cannot be used to stalk, secretly track, or monitor someone’s cell phone without them knowing.***

Phone number lookup sites can be your great ally in keeping your loved ones safe. Scammers, online predators, and all sorts of fraudsters always seem to find a way to invade their intended victim’s privacy. Be one step ahead by having plans in place that would intercept schemes these people may have. A simple phone reverse search, for instance, could help you verify someone’s identity. And, if you do your research, possibly discover their true intentions. You can also easily keep track of a phone number’s origin and location.

Find Out Who Is Calling You

Reverse Phone Number Lookup – What is it? 

Reverse phone number lookup is the process of searching for and acquiring information related to a specific phone number. A reverse phone search can help users identify the owner of a phone number, track long-lost friends and/or estranged loved ones, verify someone’s identity and intentions, and so much more.

Doing a reverse phone search is pretty much like doing a regular search on the internet. Aside from mainstream search engines, however, there are niche sites dedicated to providing all sorts of information related to a phone number. The process, as well as the information gathered, will depend on the site or tool you use. 

A typical reverse phone lookup is done by following a few simple steps. For instance, using ClickSearch, you can do a reverse phone lookup by:

  • Navigating to the ClickSearch Reverse Phone Number Search webpage.
  • Typing the phone number you want information on into the search box.
  • Clicking the search icon and waiting for the results.

Some sites claim to provide phone number lookup free of charge. While some might actually work; in most cases, you’ll get very limited results if you get any accurate information at all. Legitimate reverse phone search engines on the other hand can provide you with a wealth of accurate information including:

  • Owner’s full name and known aliases
  • Network or Service Provider
  • Line Type
  • Owner’s other contact details (secondary phone number; email address; fax number, etc.)
  • Owner’s previous and current addresses
  • Owner’s education and work history
  • Owner’s criminal history

Phone Number Lookup – How to Keep Loved Ones Safe? 

A quick phone lookup can help you keep your loved ones safe from malicious and nuisance calls. Here are several situations and ways that you can do that:

  • Uncover Identity Behind Unknown Numbers

Do you keep getting calls from unknown numbers and are met with silence when you answer? Do you get calls from a number you don’t recognize at times when it’s inconvenient for you to answer your phone? A quick reverse phone search can help you identify the person behind the number.

Let’s say the number turns out to be from a family member’s workplace or school, a hospital, or any other institution. If you properly identify and save the number, you’ll be able to better prioritize when to take calls from those numbers. This could easily mean a few minutes which could be the difference between keeping a loved one safe or remaining in danger.

  • Filter Out Spam Calls

You can also filter out numbers used for spam calls using a reverse phone search engine. This may not save loved ones from immediate danger but it could certainly help from keeping them from oversharing personal information. Also, it would help to educate loved ones not to immediately answer unknown numbers just in case they turn out to be telemarketers. Answering a telemarketing call could mark your number as “good” which means you can expect more calls in the future.

Going back to oversharing information; your loved ones could easily compromise your family’s safety and privacy. Also, they could unwittingly agree to avail of products and/or services. While you could dispute the expense or return the product, it will be an additional hassle for you.


  • Protect Loved Ones from Scammers

Scammers and fraudsters are among the most common threats you could encounter through an unwarranted phone call. Checking out a phone number can help you get the name of possible scammers. If you’ve saved the number, for instance, you’d know exactly who they are the next time they call. Moreover, you’ll be more prepared to not give out sensitive information and even trap them in a lie.

A reverse phone lookup can help you protect your family from falling victim to scammers. This could include those whose purpose is identity theft, hacking your online banking account, gaining control of your social profiles, and more.

  • Keep Kids Safe From Predators

Kids being victimized by child predators is one of a parent’s greatest fears. Many child predators scout their victims online and then convince the victims to provide them with phone numbers. This could eventually lead to them convincing their victims to meet in person and all sorts of horrible things could ensue.

If you notice your kids are constantly on the phone with someone and are being unusually secretive about it, it might be best to do a little digging. If you don’t get a straight answer from your kid, you can simply get the phone number and do a reverse phone lookup. This will give you peace of mind as well as keep your kids from possible danger.


You can look up who owns a phone number for various reasons. One of the greatest benefits of using such a service is being able to add a layer of protection for your family.

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