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The Simplified Means of Employee Screening

employees screening
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Employee screening is a great way of ensuring the efficiency of the workforce. This strategy helps business owners select the individuals that would best fit the roles they’re hiring for. Using background check data, employers get to make wiser and more informed decisions. 

We’ll be discussing here a cost-efficient way of acquiring valuable information to better screen job aspirants and help you select the applicants with the highest potential. This makes hiring fairer and more efficient.

Background Screening and Its Legality

background checks

Background checking refers to the process of going through all available and relevant records of an individual. While this process is most used in pre-employment screening, it’s not an exclusive strategy for employers or recruitment teams. It’s also used by landlords or landladies, property or facility lessors, license issuers, foster homes, and the authorities or certain government agencies. 

For employment, it’s basically conducted to ensure a safe and crime/drug-free workplace, as well as a  productive and efficient workforce. So, is it legal? Yes. In almost all states in the United States, background checks for potential or tenured employees are allowed. However, to protect the rights of applicants or employees, various laws and regulations are put in place. For instance, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Ban-the-Box Laws are meant to regulate employee screening.

There are several means of acquiring personal records and public reports that are essential in screening employees. Before we discuss the most efficient way of doing so, let’s take a look first at the traditional or alternative ways of screening.

  • Requesting Public Records from Agencies. Reach out to public records custodians who manage the relevant records you need. They require minimum to no fees, but it usually takes 3 to 10 business days to process.
  • Conducting Manual/Physical Investigation. Hiring private investigators or a third-party agency to conduct manual checks. Some business owners even put together an in-house team for this specific task. Either way, this is too expensive.
  • Contacting Character References. Calling or emailing cited character references is another way of learning about an applicant’s work ethic. The results may not always be accurate though to conflicts of interest or “scripted” responses.
  • Validating Employment from Previous Companies. Contacting previous employers could be time-consuming. Results are accurate and there are usually no fees, but you must be prepared to wait on companies’ usually long queues of requests.

Run A Background Check On My Employee

Modern App/Site with Screening Services

The above-mentioned traditional ways of acquiring reports are either effort/time demanding or expensive. Thanks to various technological innovations, such processes have been made more accessible and efficient. The digitalization of data acquisition helps millions of entrepreneurs save time, effort, and money.

A people search engine would be one of your best options. Modern and tech-advised sites such as ClickSearch grant you access to relevant information just a few minutes after initiating a search. These reliable third-party web engines are constantly acquiring data from official and trusted sources. They then utilize cutting-edge algorithms to automate search filters and data generation. 

Aside from convenience, people search engines also guarantee privacy and security. ClickSearch, for instance, has a series of safety nets and security measures in place to prevent data breaches. All searches are also confidential, meaning the person you’re searching for details about wouldn’t be notified. Moreover, their customer service is on-point and satisfactory.

The process may slightly vary depending on the site you opt to use or the details you wish to acquire. Generally, however, it only takes a few quick and easy steps to acquire valuable search results.

  1. Type in the name of the person you’re conducting a background search for.
  2. Hit Enter or click on the Search Icon then wait for a few minutes.
  3. If you haven’t done so yet, avail of an active subscription and/or settle required fees.
  4. Click on View Full Report or ask for the complete report to be emailed to you.
  5. Access the generated report and browse through it to acquire the data you need.

Background Check Data Accessible From People Search Engines

run a screening

Requesting background check reports from reliable people search engines is efficient and effective. With relatively affordable fees, you could gain access to a wide array of valuable information in no time. Hence, employment screening could be accomplished easier and faster.

To give you an overview, here are some key details you would expect to receive when running a people search. The information might vary depending on the plan you avail of; nevertheless, you could expect to receive valuable and relevant data.

  • Complete Legal Name and Aliases. The full legal name of the person, including all known nicknames and recorded aliases.
  • Current and Previous Addresses. Complete home address where they’re currently residing and all previous addresses they lived in.
  • Contact Details. Active phone numbers and email addresses, as well as all previously owned numbers and addresses, including details like network providers and plans.
  • Educational Background. Details of the schools they attended, including the name and address of the school, the school years, and the course or degree.
  • Employment History. Name of companies they’ve previously worked for, company addresses and contact details, job descriptions, and employment dates.
  • Any Linked Online Account. Any active online account that’s linked to their name or contact information such as social media profiles and gaming platform accounts.
  • Crime History Report. If any, all criminal records within the past 7 years will also be reflected on the generated report.

Employers are legally allowed to screen individuals before hiring them. Nevertheless, such a right comes with various responsibilities. As a business owner, the welfare of your people should also be a priority. After all, they’ll be representing your company and your brand. So, treating them well as early as the hiring process could greatly benefit you as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do employers give pre-employment tests?

The main purpose of pre-employment tests is to evaluate the skills and abilities of applicants. These are meant to serve as tangible metrics that employers can rely on to decide who is the most qualified for the job positions.

  • What is meant by screening in the recruitment process?

Screening basically means selecting individuals based on certain qualifications that are set at par with the company standards. It involves a series of processes – from acquiring background check reports to reviewing resumes to providing written or oral tests to conducting live or virtual interviews.

  • What are the 3 types of employment tests?

There’s a myriad of employment tests conducted by business owners/managers and these may vary depending on the job descriptions or responsibilities. In most cases, however, entrepreneurs conduct skills tests, competency assessments, and culture/personality testing.

  • Is it legal to conduct spot checks on hired or regular employees?

Yes, there are federal and state laws allowing employers to conduct pre-employment and employment checks which may include psychological tests, neurological examinations, drug testing, and criminal background checking.

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