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ClickSearch: People Search and Background Check Service

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***ClickSearch is NOT a phone spying service. Users will never have the ability to surreptitiously track, monitor, or spy on someone’s phone. ClickSearch cannot be used to stalk, secretly track, or monitor someone’s cell phone without them knowing.***

ClickSearch is a specialized search engine that is specifically designed to search for information about people. 

Search Person's Information

Whether it’s looking for distant relatives, or planning a reunion with your high school class, or simply catching up with a long-lost friend, using a people finder service is a quick and easy way to look for a person. ClickSearch is a true people search service that gives you a comprehensive report connected to your search query. The result is an in-depth data sheet that not only includes basic information like phone numbers and addresses, but also contains known aliases, social media profiles, court records, and more.

Back in the day, one would need to travel across the country, going through several courthouses and county clerks in order to get the information you need. Such manual ways of locating or finding a person would certainly require a lot of time, effort, and money. 

Thanks to various technological innovations, these processes have been gradually streamlined, digitized, and uploaded online over time. The advent of the internet has certainly reduced the time it takes to look for someone’s information. And now, people finder services have revolutionized the game yet again.

Instead of going to different websites to gather information, all you need to do is to go to ClickSearch’s people search service and let it do all the work.

To learn more about People Finder services and ClickSearch, read on!

What Is A People Search Engine?

Simply put, people search engines provide error-free information on someone, especially when using the best people search site. These premium services simultaneously collate data from various reliable sources, including government agencies and official public records custodians. They then store all gathered information in a safe and secure database, bringing you fast and hassle-free search results.

ClickSearch has gone through several series of studies and tests in order to polish our services. Tirelessly innovating and enhancing our systems to ensure that only complete, accurate, and error-free people reports are sent out to you. Our tech experts are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest software and patches to keep all information safe from malware and secure from hackers. All of these efforts are dedicated to streamlining the information acquisition process that would typically take from several days to several weeks to complete.

How To Use ClickSearch’s People Search Service

Using ClickSearch is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Navigate to ClickSearch People Search Page and input the person’s name.
  2. Hit Search and wait while the multi-layered and complex program does all the work.
  3. Upon starting a trial or purchasing a full membership, you’ll gain access to your secure dashboard where the search report is viewable.

Based on the public records available on the person you searched for, you’ll learn about their sex offense history, criminal background, liens & judgments, among others. What’s more, all your search queries will be kept confidential, even from the person you searched for.

If you are not willing to pay the full amount to use ClickSearch, you can always opt for a 3-day trial for only 95 cents! Yup, for less than a dollar, you can experience the full features of the best People Search service available.

By using ClickSearch, you can always expect:

  • Quick outputs
  • Complete data
  • Accurate reports
  • Easy access

With ClickSearch’s People Search, you can search for almost anyone in the United States. Our People Search Engine scans through millions of records and delivers the most relevant results based on your search.

Whether you’re trying to locate a person, or just learning more about the people you let into your life, now’s the time to try out a People Search. 

What Is Clicksearch’s People Finder Used For?



There are countless reasons why someone would need to use a People Finder tool. You might want to search for information about your ex, or know more about your college roommates, or maybe you’re intrigued about someone you met via online dating and want to know more about him or her, the list just goes on.

You can even use a people finder service to look up yourself. Know all the information the internet has on you because this is what others will find when they decide to search for your information.

Here are some common cases where ClickSearch’s People Finder can prove beneficial.

1. Reconnect with Friends and Relatives

ClickSeach people finder tool can get your relatives’ current address, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts. This is very useful information when trying to reconnect with friends from your childhood or relatives who you haven’t seen in a long time. You have different options to choose from when trying to reach out to long-lost friends and relatives. Rounding up your old neighborhood crew is easier than ever before.

2. Know More About a Company

There are a few jobs you qualify for but you have little information about the company. A quick check on the history of the owners of the company can give you what you need to know before you submit your resume. If they are savvy corporate veterans with many other successful businesses to their name, then you can rest easy knowing that you have a chance to join a reputable company run by successful people.

3. Check Up On Your New Neighbors

This time it’s someone who moved into your neighborhood, and, out of all the houses, they choose the one next to yours. Naturally, you say your his and hellos and introduce yourselves to each other. But before you go all friendly neighbor and invite them for afternoon coffee,  do a quick search using their name and make sure you live next to a good neighbor and not someone you should stay away from. Find out if your new neighbor has arrest records, sex offender records, or known aliases. 

4. Vetting Online Sellers

Online shopping has become so normal that almost everyone is doing it nowadays. It is important, however, to take note that there are scammers and frauds everywhere on the internet. One of the best ways to make sure that you are dealing with someone legit is to run their names on a people finder service before making a purchase from them. 

5. Protect Your Loved Ones

When it comes to keeping our family safe, both in the real world and online, no expense is too great nor is any task too difficult. Make sure that they are not communicating with someone dangerous. If they ever become a victim of harassment or bullying you can run their names on ClickSearch and gather whatever information you can find and immediately report the offender to the proper authorities. Steer your kids away from potentially dangerous situations by keeping track of those they communicate with

What Kind Of Information Can I Get From A People Search Report?



Here is a detailed list of the data you may be able to obtain when running a ClickSearch People Search service:

  • Phone Numbers

Most of our clients who avail of our People Search Service use it to reconnect or reach out to friends and loved ones whom they haven’t heard from in a long time. Phone numbers are vital pieces of personal information since these are gateways to communicate with anyone. This is probably why some keep theirs private while others often change theirs. This is why most standard search engines find it difficult to search for someone’s current and active contact information.

With a ClickSearch People Search report, you’ll easily gain access not only to their current phone number, but also to all registered and previously used numbers. The contact information section of our People Search report includes home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and work numbers.

  • Email Addresses

Aside from phone numbers, email addresses can also be an instant communication method. Professionals are usually always checking their inboxes for incoming mail and sometimes it’s easier to get a reply from them through emails than by any other method. 

Email addresses are also used to link to online messaging apps and social media platforms. Therefore, getting the email addresses of a person can also lead you to their social media profiles.

With ClickSearch, all you need to do is to run a search on any individual and you will receive a list of their most active emails.

  • Social Media Profiles

In this digital age, nearly everyone around the world has a registered and active account on at least one social media platform. This is why social media is almost always the first option when wanting to connect or reconnect with someone.

However, finding one’s social media profile could be more difficult than you think. First of all, not everyone uses or links their real names or identities to their social accounts. Second, with millions of users across multiple social media platforms, you might have to scroll through a long list of identical names. Third, the person you’re looking for could have more than one account registered. After all that, when you happen to stumble upon the correct profile, it could be inactive or set to private. All that trouble and you still were not able to connect with the person you are looking for

With ClickSearch, searches are filtered and sorted so that only the most likely social media profile matches are shown to you first.

  • Current & Previous Addresses

Home addresses are important data, especially when trying to track down someone. Also, by knowing this information, you stand a better chance that it’s really the person you’re trying to locate. ClickSearch generates reports containing not only a person’s current address but also all previous addresses. 

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