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ClickSearch: Find Lost Relatives More Easily

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***ClickSearch is NOT a phone spying service. Users will never have the ability to surreptitiously track, monitor, or spy on someone’s phone. ClickSearch cannot be used to stalk, secretly track, or monitor someone’s cell phone without them knowing.***

People have different reasons for wanting to find lost relatives. Some may have had misunderstandings in the past that led to estrangement. There are also instances where people may have been separated by forces out of their control. Whatever the reason may be, technology can greatly help your journey to reunite with your long-lost family members. ClickSearch people and phone search engine, provides the information you need to locate your long-lost family members and rekindle the relationship.

Find Your Long-Lost Relatives

How to Start Your Search? 

Getting to the part of how you will actually go about your search could get overwhelming. It would help to be fully prepared before you fully dive into your search. 

  • Gather Information


Make a list of any information that may be relevant in your search, This includes birthdate and birthplace, schools, previous companies, previous addresses, and phone numbers. You can ask family members, friends, and even old colleagues about the person you’re searching for.

  • Evaluate the Situation

The steps you take could be largely dependent on the reason that you lost contact with the person. Have you been separated due to a natural disaster or war? Did they go missing or were kidnapped? Did they run away from home? Did you have a misunderstanding? In the case of the first three, some agencies and resources can help you find your lost relatives.

  • Reach Out

Try getting in touch with agencies and NGOs that can help your search. You can also reach out to people with whom they had previous encounters. You can even make new contacts in cities where you believe they might be currently living.

Find Long Lost Relatives with ClickSearch 

The methods of finding loved ones can range from the most basic (asking other relatives and friends) to the more complex and extreme methods (hiring a private investigator). Use a trustworthy people search engine if you don’t want to hire a private investigator but are too overwhelmed to do everything on your own. 

ClickSearch collates information from multiple reliable sources. Using cutting-edge technology and algorithms, ClickSearch provides users with the most accurate information. ClickSearch services are also reasonably priced.

You can use ClickSearch to track long-lost relatives using the following services:

  • Person Search

Using your family member’s full name, you can conduct a person search. You can acquire relevant information that might lead you to that person’s whereabouts. Such information includes:

  • Known aliases
  • Current and previous addresses
  • Contact information
  • Education and work history
  • Social media profiles
  • Reverse Phone Lookup

You can also do a reverse phone number lookup using the last number they used to contact you. This could be handy in case they changed their name or have been married since you last talked to them. In case they didn’t use their own number to call, tracing the location of the number could be a good starting point in tracking your loved one.

Other Ways to Find Relatives 

People search engines like ClickSearch are among the easiest and most convenient tools you can use to locate long-lost or estranged people in your life. Still, some other methods and tools are worth trying.

  • Mainstream Search Engines

This is one of the most basic methods that anyone looking for whatever information could try. Simply enter the person’s name into a search box and wait for useful information that could pop up. You can also narrow down your search by using additional search terms like the person’s birthplace, profession, school, and the like.

While this is an easy method to use, the results are not exactly guaranteed. You could come up with outdated information. In some instances, no relevant information would pop up at all.

  • Social Media Platforms

You can search for them on various social media platforms. Try starting with platforms that they are more likely to use. Look for profiles using their full name or any aliases that they’ve been known to use. You can also explore groups on social media sites that they might be interested in joining.

Searching on social media sites could be greatly affected by privacy settings as well as information that they include in their profiles. 

  • Niche Websites

Aside from mainstream search engines, you can use niche websites similar to people search engines. For instance, you can check out genealogy websites, school or alumni websites, and the like.

You can also check trade organizations especially if you know your long-lost family member’s occupation. You can browse through relevant databases and have the chance to find out where they currently work or even live.

  • Government Portals and Databases

You can look through websites and databases maintained by government agencies. Since these are considered public records, you can access them freely. Rules and regulations may vary per state though. Also, there are instances where small fees may be required especially if you request a copy of a certain document.

You can start by looking through government-maintained obituary sites. You can also check the prison system or search court records on the off chance that they may have been involved in some legal case.



There are multiple ways how to find long-lost relatives. Using ClickSearch is among those methods. It is a convenient way to find someone’s relevant information and location without leaving the comfort of your home.

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