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ClickSearch People Finder | Find Relatives Online With Public Records

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The internet has made it possible to find a wide array of information with just a few clicks and keystrokes. You can do your school research, hunt for a job, boost your business, and just about anything else. You can even easily locate a loved one or a long-lost friend with the help of different websites. Now, when it comes to finding people, the aptly called people finder websites are the best starting points.

How Can Public Records Help Locate Relatives 

Public records pertain to all information that has been filed and/or recorded by a public agency or touched by tax dollars at any level of government. These could be tangible records like paper documents and maps, or electronic media such as databases. Such records, with some exemptions, can be accessed and reviewed by any member of the public. 

So what does that have to do with locating relatives online? Well, since these records are accessible to the public, you can use them to gather the information that might eventually lead you to your loved ones. Some of the records that might help find people are:

  • Birth and Death Records
  • Marriage and Divorce Records
  • Arrests and Jail Records
  • Court Records

Take note that each state has its own way of storing and managing its public records. Moreover, the rules, guidelines, and requirements for accessing such records may also vary. There are states and government agencies that have online repositories or portals that anyone can access. Many also have digital request forms available on their website. While public records may be accessed by anyone, acquiring a copy may not always be free. The fee structure varies per state and per agency; the fees are usually for search and retrieval costs.

How to Find Relatives Online

Search Your Relatives

How can I locate anyone online? Is there a 100% free people finder site? What is people finder site anyway? Finding someone is definitely easier now due to the availability of a wide array of resources. The key is knowing which sites could best help you find people.

Before you delve online, you must first gather all the information you actually have about the person you are looking for. You can ask around and write the details that could come in handy such as full names, including middle name and aliases, birthdate and birthplace, profession, hobbies and interests, last known address and contact information, and even photographs.

Once you have all the information you can get, you can start your online search with the following:

  • Mainstream Search Engines

Finding someone online is just like finding any other type of information. You can therefore try doing a search on mainstream search engines like Google. You can do your search using the person’s full name. 

You can also narrow down your search by adding information such as the person’s title or profession, state, or any similar detail. You can also use Google reverse image search if you have a clear photograph of the person you’re looking for.

  • Social Media Sites

Almost anyone has a social media account these days, so you can also put social media sites on your list. You can start with the more popular sites like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. 

While anyone could choose to make an account on any social media app, every app could attract a certain age group more than other age groups so you should take this into consideration. Also, take note that the person you’re looking for may not use their real name on their profile. This is where nicknames and even hobbies and interests could help.

  • Genealogy Sites

Another type of site that may come in handy is a genealogy and family history website. There are many such sites that you can try. Many claim to be free sites but not all of them are actually free. Hence, you must be careful in choosing the site you use. 

There are actually ones that are maintained by the federal government, so you might want to try those. Some sites have advanced tools that allow you to search by surname, record type, and other search options.

  • School Websites

You can also consider checking school websites, especially the web pages dedicated to some sort of alumni online group. You most likely know where your loved one went to school so this could come in handy. 

You can also check their school’s official alumni social media group. There are also some websites that are dedicated to reconnecting classmates and/or schoolmates so you might also want to check those out.

  • People Finder Sites

The most logical and effective sites for finding relatives would of course be the people finder sites. These sites are specially designed to store vast amounts of publicly available information on anyone allowing users to find people faster. They also usually have reverse phone number lookup and reverse address lookup services. 

There are free people sites you can try. In some instances though, you’d hit a paywall before you can access the information; in other instances, you might end up with inaccurate information with your personal information being compromised in the process. You might want to stick to more reliable sites like ClickSearch.



There are many available online resources you can use to locate loved ones. Even public records, to some extent, can now be found online. It’s only a matter of choosing the right platform to find information. People finder sites and search engines are among the best options you have. ClickSearch, for instance, can give you access to a whole lot of information with just your loved one’s full name, phone number, or even address.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you find long-lost family members?

You can use various online sites to locate a family member. Such sites include social media, genealogy and family history sites, and of course, people finder sites. If the situation calls for it, you can also hire a private investigator.

  • How do I find family members for free?

You can start by asking other family members, their friends, and even former colleagues. You can also try to Google them or search for them on social media. There are also online white pages and people finder sites that offer free trials.

  • How can I find a person by name? 

The best way to do this is by using a people search engine. These sites can provide you with information by simply typing the name of the person you are looking for.

  • What is the best people finder website?

ClickSearch is one of the most reliable people search engines you can use. They provide accurate information via streamlined reports at very affordable prices and/or subscription plans.

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