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Alabama State Reverse Phone Number Lookup

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A mere reverse phone number lookup can significantly help you steer away from malicious phone users or scammers. Aside from tracking phone locations, reliable phone search sites provide extensive reports containing valuable information associated with the phone number in question, as well as its current owner and its previous users (if any).

Find Numbers in Alabama

Alabama State: Area Codes and Popular Mobile Network Carriers

The State of Alabama is situated in the southeastern part of the United States. Also called the Yellowhammer State, Alabama is famous for its gulf coast beaches, southern hospitality, and college football. It’s the 24th most populated state with over 5 million residents as of 2022.

Alabama has 67 counties which are grouped into four major areas being served by four area codes.

  • 205/659

The 659 area code is an overlay of 205 which covers the central and west-central parts of Alabama, including Birmingham, Clanton, Hoover, Jasper, Northport, Oneonta, Pell, and Tuscaloosa.

  • 334

This area code covers the south-central and southeastern parts of Alabama, including Auburn-Opelika, Dothan, Montgomery, Selma, and Valley.

  • 256/938

The 938 area code is an overlay of 256 which covers the east-central and northern parts of Alabama, including Alexander, Anniston, Florence-Muscle Shoals, Gadsden, Huntsville-Decatur, and Sylacauga.

  • 251

This area code covers the southwestern parts of Alabama, including Atmore, Daphne, Gulf Shores, Mobile, and Monroeville.

In Alabama, AT&T has the widest network reach and is currently recognized as the best 4G LTE network provider in the state. Other phone providers and network carriers are T-Mobile, Verizon, and Mint Mobile.

Alabama Phone Scams and Cybercrimes

Hackers and scammers in Alabama target their victims via text messages, phone calls, or online pop-up messages. Here are some of the most common scams in Alabama.

  • Alabama Power Scam

Alabama Power is one of the biggest electricity service providers in the state. In this scheme, fraudsters contact consumers, claiming that their payment has not gone through and that they need to repay immediately to avoid power interruptions. 

  • Alabama Emergency Scam

This attack is also referred to as Grandparents Scam since the scammers usually target elderly people. They would contact their victims, disguising themselves as a family member or a friend asking for financial assistance for their medical bills or other emergencies.

  • Jury Duty Scam 

Frudsters act like they’re legal representatives of a local court. They would contact their victims stating that there’s an active arrest warrant for them and that they have to settle a fee or provide valuable information to prevent arrest or jail time.

  • Tech Support Scams

Scammers call their targets about possible infiltration on their devices. They disguise themselves as tech experts from well-known companies and they would imply that if no action is done, their device and all its data will be completely infected or compromised.


Safety Precautions and Security Measures

  • What are the Red Flags You Must Watch Out For?

⇒ Someone calling you out of nowhere who claims to be a legal authority or personalized personnel of a government agency.
⇒ A message notification about a contest you’ve won but you don’t remember joining any.
⇒ An individual alerting you of something you’ve but no details are provided such as the event itself or the prizes.
⇒ A phone caller who sounds so urgent and keeps on pressuring you on disclosing your information.
⇒ Someone you don’t know but are asking for financial assistance or anything with monetary value. 

  • What to Do If You’ve Already Fallen Victim to a Phone Scammer?

⇒ Tag the phone number as ‘scam/spam’ and permanently block it on your device.
⇒ Reach out and file a legal complaint to the  Alabama Attorney General’s Office (AAG).
⇒ File a formal report to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
⇒ If deemed necessary, go to any local police station near you and make a legal statement.
⇒ Enlist your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry.

  • How to Steer Yourself Away From Phone Scammers?

⇒ Don’t mindlessly disclose your phone number to anyone, especially to people you just met online.
⇒ Unless you’re expecting a phone call, never pick up calls from unknown or unregistered phone numbers.
⇒ Immediately hang up if you feel like the person on the other line is pressuring you to provide your details to send them money.
⇒ The government won’t proactively call anyone unless there’s a scheduled appointment or mutual agreement.
⇒ Big companies don’t usually ask for sensitive information over the phone, especially if out of the blue.
⇒ The IRS or the local police would never ask you to pay for a certain fee or gift cards in exchange for acquitting you of an offense.
⇒ As much as possible, use a private or secure network/Wifi and web browser.
⇒ Be in the loop for the latest phone scams and fraud schemes in your area. 

Reverse Phone Number Lookup in Alabama 

Another effective precautionary measure you can take is to run a phone number lookup using a trusted and reliable web engine such as ClickSearch.

  • How Does a Reverse Lookup Phone Number Work?

To put it simply, a reverse phone search is a process of looking up a phone number online in the hopes of acquiring valuable information. 

ClickSearch, for instance, is a credible phone search engine that offers streamlined and smooth searching. We own and manage secure databases where we store the information we constantly acquire from official sources and trusted directories. We then use tech-advanced algorithms to pull up all relevant details and generate comprehensive reports every time a user runs a phone search.

  • How to Reverse Lookup a Phone Number Using ClickSearch?

⇒ Navigate to our official Reverse Phone Search page.
⇒ Type in the phone number and its area code on the designated Search bar and hit Enter.
⇒ If you haven’t done so yet, avail of premium membership. Once the results are ready, click on the View Full Report then wait for our email.


  • What Data can I Get from ClickSearch Phone Number Reverse Lookup Reports?

Phone Number Details
⇒ Network Carrier and/or Phone Provider
⇒ Line Type (Prepaid or Postpaid)
SIM Activation Status

Phone Owner’s Information
⇒ Legal Name and Nicknames
⇒ Age, Gender, and Ethnicity
⇒ Names of Known Relatives
⇒ Other Contact Information
⇒ Home Addresses
⇒ Criminal Reports
⇒ Associated Online Accounts
⇒ All Available Public Records


ClickSearch is a risk-free and hassle-free phone search engine that could significantly steer you away from malicious callers or suspicious phone users. A basic phone search can be of great help in ensuring your safety and security amidst the rising cybercrime rates across the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it legal to look up phone numbers in Alabama?

Yes, with certain guidelines and regulations, Alabama allows reverse phone lookups. Just be sure to make use of legit and trusted search engines like ClickSearch.

  • How to do a reverse phone number lookup?

Just navigate to the official website of ClickSearch, type in the phone number you’re searching for, and wait for the system to finish collating the relevant information. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the email.

  • Are there sites that offer reverse phone number lookup free?

You can run a phone search for free on open-source web browsers such as Google Chrome and social networking sites such as Facebook. Note, however, that these may not be as efficient and as effective as exclusive phone sites like ClickSearch.

  • Is ClickSearch a risk-free reverse phone number lookup site?

Yes, Clicksearch is a safe and secure platform where you can smoothly and efficiently generate extensive reports. Plus, we keep all searches confidential, and in no way will we notify the owner of the number you’re looking up.

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