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ClickSearch | Colorado State Reverse Phone Number Lookup

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***Click Search is NOT a phone spying service. User’s will never have the ability to surreptitiously track, monitor, or spy on someones phone. ClickSearch cannot be used to stalk, secretly track, or monitor someones whereabouts without them knowing.***

There’s no denying that we’ve gone a long way in exploring, enhancing, and advancing technologies. To date, there seems to be an app or site for almost everything, including location tracking and phone searching. So whether you’re looking for an efficient way to locate a phone or searching for someone’s whereabouts, you should be able to do so with ease and efficacy. Check out how to locate a Colorado phone number with ClickSearch.

Search Phone Numbers in Colorado

Colorado State: Area Codes and Popular Mobile Network Carriers

Colorado – also known as The Centennial State – is a western US state with a diverse landscape – from deserts to canyons to rocky mountains. It’s home to the Garden of the Gods, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes, Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks Park, and Royal Gorge Bridge. 

It is the eighth-largest state in terms of area but in terms of population, it’s on the 21st with just over 5.8 million residents. This is why even if Colorado has a quite vast landmass, it only needs 4 area codes to cater to the communications needs of its people. And like in most states in America, there are only 4 major mobile network carriers in Colorado – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

303 and 720 (Overlay)

  • Aspen
  • Aurora
  • Boulder
  • Brighton
  • Denver
  • Golden


  • Colorado Springs 
  • Southeastern Colorado
  • Florence
  • Parker
  • Pueblo
  • Trinidad


  • Northern and Western Colorado 
  • Aspen
  • Durango 
  • Fort Collins
  • Grand Junction
  • Sterling

United States Cyber Crimes: Common Phone Scams in Colorado


Phone scams and all other cyber crimes are still prevalent, and unfortunately, we’ve seen a significant rise in cases across the globe amidst the Covid-19 pandemic wherein almost everyone was forced to do most of their errands online or virtually.

The State of Colorado is no exception. In fact, the Denver Sheriff’s Department just recently warned residents about phone scams demanding money for bogus fines.

  • Subpoena and Court Hearing Scams

Predators call their targets, making them believe that there’s an active warrant arrest or subpoena for them that they failed to attend to. They would then demand a signature and a signature verification fee to “settle” the issue.

  • VoiceMail Call Back Scams

Using curiosity to manipulate victims, scammers would simply leave a voicemail regarding an issue – or a promo – with their bank account, cable company, or any other essential subscriptions. 

  • Subscription Renewal Scams

Usually, with anti-virus software, predators contact their targets claiming that their subscription is expiring and/or their device is highly at risk – if not already compromised. They would assure to renew the account and fix the issue in exchange for service fees.


  • Text Message Scams

Most scammers still use bulk SMS to target as many people as possible. Using pre-crafted messages about a bank statement discrepancy or a subscription account issue, they simply wait for whoever takes the bait.

Reverse Phone Lookup Colorado: Safety Precautions and Security Measures

The Colorado State Attorney General’s Office encourages the residents to immediately drop calls or block phone numbers should they get caught up in such situations. The government also recommends filing formal complaints to better address – or possibly suppress – the prevalence of these malicious schemes.

What are the Red Flags You Must Watch Out For?

  • Someone you don’t personally know asking for confidential or sensitive details.
  • A random caller pressuring you to purchase or avail of something from them.
  • Too-good-to-be-true special offers, promos, or deals.
  • Too-well-crafted sob stories that always end up with financial assistance requests.
  • Unexpected calls from someone you are less likely to have business with like a famous brand CEO, head of local police, or someone from the IRS.

What to Do If You’ve Already Fallen Victim to a Phone Scammer?

  • Immediately drop the call or stop replying to the texts.
  • Block the phone number right away.
  • Change your passwords on all possibly affected accounts.
  • Remotely log out of all your accounts.
  • Remotely wipe data if necessary.
  • Report to your local police.
  • Contact your bank, cable company, phone provider, and all other possible affected accounts.
  • Notify your contacts and change your number if needed.


How to Steer Yourself Away From Phone Scammers?

  • Verify caller/sender using a risk-free people/phone search engine like ClickSearch.
  • Whatever happens, never disclose sensitive or confidential information over the phone.
  • Don’t believe in any too-good offers or one-off deals.
  • Authorities or heads of companies would most likely never contact you directly (at least without prior formal notification).
  • Select the people you give your contact details to.

How Does a Colorado Phone Number Reverse Lookup Work?

ClickSearch and similar phone search engines are constantly collating data from official sources and trusted directories. They store all acquired details in exclusive well-guarded databases.

These modern platforms utilize high-tech algorithms to streamline data collection, data processing, data sorting, and data generation. ClickSearch, for instance, makes use of tech-advanced web spiders to digitize and automate its processes. This is why it’s capable of conducting an extensive search and providing comprehensive reports as soon as a user types in the keyword.

How to Perform Reverse Phone Lookup Using ClickSearch?

  1. Navigate to the official Reverse Phone Search web page of ClickSearch.
  2. Type in the phone number in the designated Search Field and hit Enter.
  3. When prompted, click on the View Full Report button and browse through your report.

What Data can I Get from ClickSearch Reverse Phone Number Lookup Reports?

  • Mobile Network Carrier
  • Cell Phone Provider
  • Prepaid or Postpaid Line Type
  • Owner’s Personal Details
  • Owner’s Public Records
  • Associated Digital Accounts

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