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ClickSearch Phone Search Report: Here’s What You Get

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When should I do a reverse phone search? How to reverse search phone numbers? Can a phone search pinpoint my location? What site can give me the most accurate information? Whether you want to verify someone’s identity, track someone’s whereabouts, or uncover the person behind constant calls and messages, a reverse phone lookup can help you. It’s crucial, however, that you choose an accurate and risk-free people to search engine to use.

Phone Search Report

ClickSearch – What Does It Do?

ClickSearch is a people search engine that uses cutting-edge technology. It gathers information from various reliable sources and databases. The information is then filtered, segmented, processed, and filed into its own extensive database.

ClickSearch allows its users to acquire relevant information about anyone. You can do a person search using someone’s full name, You can also perform a phone number search in the event that you only have a phone number to start your search.  You can also draw more specific background check reports such as criminal history reports and bankruptcy searches. You can easily perform personal background checks on anyone; take note that reports should not be used for official or legal screenings though.

Every search you perform or background check report you request shall remain confidential. The person you’re searching for won’t be notified. ClickSearch is easy to navigate and use. It is not a free site but it offers risk-free people and phone number searches. It has reasonably priced services and affordable search plans.


Reverse Phone Search – What Information Can You Get? 

ClickSearch has an extensive database of up-to-date and accurate people-related information. You can search phone numbers or full names to acquire information. When you do a ClickSearch reverse phone lookup, you’ll get more information than most other sites offer. Moreover, after acquiring the phone number’s full name, you can easily perform a person search or request an extensive background check on the same site.

Here’s a list of some of the information that can be included in a phone search report:

  • Phone Number Owner’s Full Name
  • Owner’s Known Aliases
  • Phone Network Provider
  • Line Type (Cell; Home; Business)
  • Other Contact Details (Email Address; Secondary Phone number; Fax Number etc.)
  • Home Address (Current and Previous)
  • Owner’s Known Relatives
  • Publicly Available Photos
  • Related Links (Social Media Profiles; Blogs; Personal websites etc.)

Although ClickSearch uses cutting-edge algorithms and technology, it is fairly easy to navigate. The search itself is pretty straightforward; simply do the following steps:

  • Go to the CleckSearch Reverse Phone Number Lookup page.
  • Enter the phone number on the search bar.
  • Click on the search icon beside the search bar.
  • Wait for the results. (A progress bar will indicate when ClickSearch is done looking through its databases).
  • You’ll be prompted to answer a captcha question to access a sample report.
  • Click on Get the Full report and complete the payment and subscription process.
  • Once your subscription is confirmed, you can access or download the full report by following the on-screen instructions.

    phone-search-clicksearch.jpgWhen to Use Reverse Phone Number Search?

A reverse phone number search is easy enough to do, but why would you even need to do one in the first place? Looking for information has become easier thanks to technology. This includes finding all related information on anyone using the most basic information. So why not just use that person’s full name? Well, while that would be most ideal, there are instances where you might not have access to someone’s full name. There are also instances where someone might use an alias or provide you with a false name. 

Here are some circumstances where doing a reverse phone lookup could come in handy:

  • Verify Someone’s Identity

Let’s say you just met someone but you just can’t seem to find anything on them using their name. If you also have their phone number, you can easily do a reverse phone lookup to find out their real name. This is especially true if you’re planning to meet up with someone you met on, say, a dating site. You simply can’t be too careful in such instances.

You can also do a quick phone lookup before pushing through with an online buy and sell transaction. You can ask for their phone number and do a reverse phone lookup to verify their identity. Taking this step could help you avoid falling victim to scammers or con artists.

  • Trace Someone’s Whereabouts

A reverse phone lookup can also be used to track a person. Let’s say you have an estranged family member or a long-lost friend and you wish to be reunited with them. You can use their phone number to trace their address and visit them in person.

It can also help you track an old colleague, business associates, and/or clients. If you don’t have their current contact details, you can look for them using their old phone number. In this instance, a person search could also greatly help.

  • Identify People Behind Unknown Numbers

It might be your first impulse to block a phone number that keeps on pestering you with unsolicited phone calls and messages. Think about it though, they could easily use another number to harass you. 

It’s best, therefore, to identify the person behind the phone number and report that person instead of just blocking the number they’re currently using. This could also apply to avoiding telemarketers, scammers, catfishers, and the like.


If you want to perform a hassle-free, convenient, and confidential search, ClickSearch is a great site to use. You’ll get accurate information presented on easy-to-understand reports, for very affordable search plans.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How can I find someone with their cell phone for free?

You can utilize the phone’s GPS location sharing feature. You can also download GPS tracking apps for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store. You can also opt for monitoring software, especially when monitoring your minor kids or company devices.

  • How to search for a phone number’s owner?

You can do a Google search or browse through various social media sites. The most convenient method that could provide you with more surefire results is by doing a reverse phone lookup.

  • What is the best reverse phone lookup site?

ClickSearch is a reputable reverse phone lookup site. It has an up-to-date database and can provide you with the most accurate information. It’s easy to use and very affordable too.

  • What information can you get from a reverse phone lookup?

This will depend on the site or service provider you use. ClickSearch, one of the best reverse phone lookup sites can provide you with the following information:

  • Owner’s full name and known aliases
  • Line type and service provider
  • Owner’s current and previous addresses
  • Known relatives
  • Publicly available photos
  • Social media profiles
  • Other available contact information

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