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Skip Tracing – What Is It and How Do People Finders Work?

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When skip tracing, you’ll be needing all the tools you can gain access to – from record custodians to people finders to digital directories to any lookup site that allows you to search people freely. Phone tracking could also be a great option if you’re trying to locate someone or finding a person’s whereabouts. Read on to learn how to use people/address finders and various other means that can ensure a more efficient skip tracing. 

Skip Trace a Person

What is Skip Tracing and How Does it Work?

To put it simply, skip tracing is the process of tracking down someone who, in most cases, purposely tries to go off-grid or disappear. Initially, it solely refers to the act of finding people who, for some reason “skip town”, hence the term. This technique is mostly used by loan companies/proprietors or debt collection agencies who wish to locate the person who owes them money and probably has no intentions of paying them back. 

To date, however, skip tracing isn’t just for people who are trying to hunt down fugitives or individuals who are running away from responsibilities and/or from the consequences of their actions. It’s now also used to locate and reconnect with long-lost loved ones. After all, not just because you’re not privy to someone’s whereabouts means they’re hiding from you.

Skip tracing is usually a tedious and lengthy process that comprises a series of steps and sub-procedures. In most cases, it’s divided into three major stages.

  • Identity and Information Verification

First, you must run through the basic details of the person in question and make sure you got everything straight. For example, ensure that the picture matches the legal name or vice versa.

  • Reports and Records Searching

Next, start browsing through official directories and trusted databases. Most skip tracers start with public records or those that can be easily requested from local offices or official government websites. 

  • People Contacting and Actual Tracing

Lastly, once you’ve acquired all valuable and relevant information, you may then start planning your approaches and next course of action. This is where you’ll be making actual contacts or confrontations.


Skip Tracing and Phone Number/People Tracking – Who Benefits from Such Processes?

As aforementioned, skip tracing nowadays is no longer just used in hunting down runaways or fugitives. Basically, anyone who needs to find someone’s whereabouts for some reason can significantly benefit from this efficient people finder technique. Here are some of such users.

  • Loan Companies or Debt Collection Agencies

Companies that offer installment payments for gadgets or furniture, as well as businesses that provide microfinancing are the usual victims of irresponsible consumers. And they’re often left with no choice but to opt for skip tracing in the hopes of locating the people who owe them money.

  • Legal Authorities

Officers of law enforcement agencies could also use skip tracing to hunt down suspects, fugitives, or those who are trying to escape warrant arrests. Lawyers could also use this technique to find possible witnesses.

  • Anyone Who Needs to Find People – Estranged Family Members, Childhood Friends, or Ex-Lovers

Regardless of their reasons and purposes, individuals who are trying to track down relatives, friends, old colleagues, or previous lovers could greatly benefit from skip tracing. This rigid process increases the chances of reunions and reconnections.

Skip Tracing Techniques and Risk-Free Sites/People Finders – Where to Look for Valuable Information?

The most critical part of skip tracing is the actual acquisition of relevant reports and valuable data – any information that could lead to the person in question. Here are some platforms that could give you a kickstart. 


  • Messages, Calls, Emails, or Mails

First of all, try to reach out to them using whatever contact information you have. If the calls aren’t pushing through and there are no responses to your texts, chats, or emails, try sending them letters via mail. 

If you’re sure that they’ve moved out, try mailing an empty letter with the stamp “Do Not Forward – Address Correction Requested”. 

If they’ve supplied a forwarding office to the postal service, you’d receive back the letter with the details of the forwarding address.

  • Friends, Relatives, Colleagues, or Acquaintances

If you can’t reach out to the person directly, try contacting all known relatives. You might also want to push your luck with their friends or colleagues. 

However, since these are their people, you could have a hard time extracting valuable information from them. Of course, if they know it could harm their family or friend, they are less likely to rat them out.

  • Criminal Reports, Court Archives, and Other Public Records

If you can’t get a hold of the person and the people closest to them, you can start browsing through public records. You could request reports from respective government agencies or records custodians. 

For instance, if you want a person’s rap sheet, you could request a standard or criminal background check from your local police. Or if you need probate filings, you could check out court archives or civil court records.

  • Registry of Deeds, Division of Taxation, SEC, and Other Government Offices


Various other departments or agencies could generate reports that could contain details pointing to the person’s current whereabouts. For instance, having a look at their corporate or tax filings could narrow down the list of the possible cities they live in.

For such reports, you might want to look into the Office of the Secretary, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Division of Taxation, the Registry of Deeds, and the like. 

  • NGOs, Fraternal Orgs, Virtual Communities, or Other Organizations

Aside from government agencies, you might also want to look into non-government organizations. If they’re active in certain events or community initiatives, then you could get back in contact with them.

  • People, Phone, or Address Search Engines 

For efficient data acquisition, you might want to try trusted and reliable people search engines such as ClickSearch. Such platforms allow you to generate extensive reports just through the use of a person’s name or phone number.

ClickSearch, specifically, constantly collates data from official sources and simultaneously updates its databases. Then through tech-advanced algorithms, it can automatically cross-reference the name or number to the data on its systems, pulling out all relevant information and generating comprehensive reports.


With the right tools and the proper knowledge, skip tracing is something you can accomplish on your own. But if all else fails, it’s best to consult with professional skip tracers, background checkers, or private investigators. And when you finally acquire the data you need, be sure to be smart and wise on how you’ll approach the person. On top of fulfilling your purpose or succeeding in your mission, you must prioritize your safety and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it legal to practice skip tracing?

Yes, it’s a legal practice in the United States. This is, of course, provided that you don’t violate or bypass any law while trying to acquire the necessary information.

  • Can I find a person by name for free?

You could try searching for information on Google, Facebook, or other web browsers and social media sites. However, these could require more time and effort with fewer chances of success when compared to requesting reports from government agencies or search engines like ClickSearch.

  • What is people finder?

People finder is a web-based platform that allows you to acquire valuable information about a specific person. ClickSearch, for instance, generates extensive reports just by typing in a person’s name or number on the designated search field.

  • What is the best people finder website?

ClickSearch is one of the most advanced search engines you can trust. It only acquires data from official sources so you can rest assured that the information you receive is credible and trustworthy. It’s super easy to access and navigate. Plus, it’s very affordable.

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