Dating App Tips Everyone Should Follow

Dating App Tips


Whether you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with or just looking for a one night stand, dating apps can help. Through technology, these apps are making it easier for people to search for potential matches without having to leave their home or even meet the person.

Even though these apps are convenient, they leave users vulnerable to other types of threats. Dating apps typically don’t require verification to make sure that the users won’t be a threat to others. Criminals or sexual predators can be using these apps to find victims. Or in some cases, use the app to blackmail or scam people.

Despite these threats, dating apps are becoming increasingly more popular amongst all generations. Many people use these apps appropriately and are successful in finding a relationship. The way to successfully and safely use these apps is to stay educated on each app and what threats are out there. 

Don't Give Out Too Much Info

You never want to have too much information about yourself on your profile. If you are providing your phone number or what city you live in in the description of your profile, that is TOO MUCH! You want to keep information like your home address, phone number, and where you work off of your profile. Keeping this information off or not sharing it until you have met the person will help keep you safe.

Know Who You’re Talking To

There are a lot of people dating apps who are not who they present to be. Many times, people will use profile pictures of famous people or someone very attractive. It is encouraged to be aware of the unusual behavior on these apps, and know how to use the report and blocking features available. You can also check other profiles of this person on social media to make sure the person is who they claim to be.

Let Someone Know Who You’re Dating

Online dating apps are perfect when it comes to needing help finding love. These apps are becoming more than just swiping left on pictures. If you are going to meet a potential match, you should always tell someone who you are going to meet and where. This is important because if anything does go wrong, it will help keep you safe.

Know The Warning Signs

There are many warning signs to help you determine whether a person is legit or fake. Suspicious photos are the first crucial evidence that a dating profile is fake. Be careful of people who are only asking for photos of you or looking for you to send them money. There are people on these apps who want to scam and rob people. It is essential to avoid these people to help keep you and your information safe.

The Most Popular Dating Apps

There are countless dating apps on the market, all with unique features that keep users searching for their potential partner. Each app is known for certain traits, like Tinder being the app to find hookups on. Besides the most popular dating apps listed below, there are dating apps for everyone out there, so do your research!

Be Aware Of The Current Dating Trends


Tindstagramming occurs when someone is rejected on Tinder, but then finds the person on Instagram and tries to contact the person again. Many users link their Instagram accounts to Tinder, which can lead to tindstagramming and leaving you exposed.


Breadcrumbers will begin a conversation with someone, and overtime, slowly stop talking with them. These people really have no intention of meeting you. They just show you minimal attention to make you think that you are their potential partner.

Love Bombing

This occurs when someone shows an excessive amount of affection towards another person to gain control over or have a significant influence on another. The person may make you feel loved at first, but if it does not go there way, that love can change to rage.


Catfishing occurs when someone hides who they really are to trick someone else into an online relationship. These will use fake profiles and pictures of other people to hide their identity. The ultimate aim for this is to get personal details from the victim or money.


Ghosting is basically relationship rejection without having to go through any discomfort. This happens when you simply just stop talking or hanging out with someone without telling them or giving them a reason why.