Navigating Divorce: Resources, Help, and Advice

Navigating Divorce: Resources, Help, and Advice

Divorce is something married couples don’t anticipate when they say “I Do”. They plan to live forever til’ death do them part. But sometimes, couples grow apart, whatever the reason may be. If you are in a marriage or know someone that’s going through a divorce, check out our helpful resource guide below.

What Is Divorce?

Divorce occurs when a married couple decides to no longer be together. The divorce process demonstrates the legal separation of two people officially in the eyes of the law. There are multiple types of divorce including:

  • No-Fault Divorce: When both parties agree that they are getting a divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.”

  • Fault Divorce: One party describes a reason why they are getting a divorce. Reasons may include verbal and physical abuse, abandonment, and cheating.

  • Uncontested Divorce: When a married couple agrees that they can compromise on the details of their divorce.

  • Contested Divorce: When a married couple cannot agree on the divorce issues such as child custody, alimony, and division of assets.

Signs Your Marriage Is Headed Towards Divorce

Always Feeling Defensive Around Each Other

Are you constantly on your guard at home, protecting yourself from any accusations or blaming from your spouse? If your spouse is constantly blaming and disrespecting you, having a defensive response is natural. However, being defensive can actually make things worse by making your spouse feel unheard.

You Can Picture A Life Without Them

If you can imagine your life without your partner with no negative feelings or contempt, your marriage may not be worth saving. You are thinking about what life would be like separated from your partner for a reason. Maybe the spark in your marriage is lost or your lives have just gone in separate ways.

Constantly Asking Them The Same Things

Are you constantly asking your partner questions like how their day was, but they don’t respond? There must be a reason why they don’t want to have those conversations with you. Besides this, you might also be constantly asking your partner to do certain tasks like cleaning the basement. If you keep asking them to complete these tasks and they continue to avoid them, something is definitely wrong in your relationship.

No Compromising In The Relationship

Marriages are all about compromising, satisfying both parties. If only one partner is being satisfied and the other’s needs and wants are being ignored, how is that a marriage? This will lead to feelings of being unwanted and resentment.

Lack Of Intimacy

Not all marriages are based on intimacy, but it is a major component. Have you noticed you and your partner drifting apart when it comes to intimacy? This can include kissing, sex, and just spending time with eachother. A lack of intimacy in a marriage is often a key sign something is wrong in the relationship.

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Steps To Filing For Divorce

- Step 1: Be Sure You Want To Get Divorced

- Step 2: Find A Divorce Attorney

To help you with the divorce process, you will need to find a divorce attorney. Make sure they have the proper experience and knowledge to meet your needs, such as extensive experience with family law. Some sites that can help you find lawyers near you include Woman’s Divorce, Justia,, NOLO, and Legal Match.

- Step 3: Get Together All Necessary Documentation

Obtain and compile any necessary documents that would be needed during the divorce process. This includes financial documentation, marriage certificate, and your children’s birth certificates (if applicable).

- Step 4: File For Divorce

Submit your petition for divorce with the court. A legal reason for divorce, state statutory information, and a statement saying you or your spouse complies with state residency requirements must be included.

- Step 5: Serve Your Spouse

You will need to provide the divorce filing paperwork with your spouse. They are then given a set amount of time, usually 30 days, to provide their response.

- Step 6: Negotiate

Depending on your situation, you will have to negotiate on several matters such as child custody and support, division of assets, and child visitation rights. If help is needed during this process, mediation may occur.

- Step 7: Divorce Trial

If you and your spouse cannot agree during the negotiation phase, your divorce case will be taken to court. This process can be very time consuming and costly. The power to decide is now in the hands of the judge, and any decision made must be followed by both parties. After the judgement is made, the divorce is finalized.

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Life After Divorce

The big question any newly divorced person asks is, what’s next? It can be difficult for anyone to imagine what divorced life is like until it happens. Every case is different and can depend on the length of your marriage, if you have kids, and if you live together. For some, the process is easier and amicable. For others, the process is very tough with fighting and hard feelings. Below, we’ve listed some resources to help prepare you.