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Reasons to Run a Reverse Address Search

Do you want to be sure you’re heading to the right place? Or maybe you want to double check that an address is legit? Discover all the information you need to know about a residential location with our address finder.

Current and Previous Owners

Current and Previous Owners

Our reverse address lookup will list the name of the current property owner, along with people who have previously lived there.

Values and History

Values and History

Find out a property’s current value along with its history of sale prices, loans, deeds, and more.

Neighborhood Statistics

Neighborhood Statistics

Learn more about your current neighborhood, or do some research on one that you’re thinking about moving to or visiting.

Are you a home property buyer who wants to ensure you get the best deal? Are you a homeowner worried about the new family in your neighborhood? Are you a realtor who wants to get the facts straight before offering a property to potential clients?

There’s no denying we’ve come a long way in terms of technology advancements. Almost every day, there’s a newly released electronic gadget or cutting-edge software. A great example of such technological innovations is anyone being able to to initiate a hassle-free address lookup from the comfort of their homes. This can happen thanks to reliable search engines, like ClickSearch, which provide reverse address lookup services.

What Is A Reverse Address Lookup?

Are you wondering how to initiate a fast public search at any address? Are you wanting to acquire valuable information and/or search by address without exerting much time, effort, and money? Are you planning on checking who lives on your street?

These have been made possible by various reverse address lookup search engines. Thanks to such sites as, anyone can easily conduct a reverse address search without the need to physically coordinate with public records custodians or manually browse through thousands of pages.

To put it simply, a reverse address lookup refers to the process of accumulating property data and owner information by using only address or location details. With Kiwi Searches, acquire this information in just 3 easy steps.

  1. Navigate to our Reverse Address Public Search Page, then enter the needed information - the specific street address, city, and state. Zip code isn’t necessary to enter.
  2. Hit the Search Icon right beside the field, and wait a few seconds while our multi-layered and complex codes do all the work.
  3. Upon starting a trial or purchasing a full membership, gain access to your personal dashboard where the search report is viewable.
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Reasons To Run A Reverse Address Search

Search engines that offer free or paid reverse lookup address services provide great value to users because of the complete and accurate data they offer. There are varying reasons why a person might need to search by address online, but here are the most common ones.

To Check Your New/Potential Neighbors

Ideally, home is a haven for you and your family. The environment within your house and neighborhood could greatly impact the upbringing of your children and your mental state.

Regardless if you’re moving to a new neighborhood or there’s a new homeowner nearby, checking neighbors through the use of a paid/free address lookup site is highly recommended. Knowing this is an essential safety precaution to know the neighborhood residents aren’t dangerous. For example, ensuring none of your neighbors are registered sex offenders.

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To Check A Home Before Buying

A home purchase is a huge investment. Like how you buy any other product or service, buyers must take the extra mile to learn about the property before closing the deal. After all, it’s not only money that’s at stake, but your safety and security as well.

Despite if you can afford any house or property, be sure to consider all critical factors. Price is only a small part of the formula. Be sure to check other vital data via a hassle-free address lookup site, including the materials used, age of the establishment, quality of both interior and exterior, state of the neighborhood where the property is situated, history of ownership, and more.

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To Check The Information In Your Address Book

Address books are databases where contacts are stored. Digital or not, these books could contain a person’s contact details like their legal or company name, home or work address, email address, phone number, fax number, or any other personally identifiable information.

Address books are maintained for work or personal purposes. Regardless, it’s important to keep all details up-to-date. A convenient way of doing so is by conducting a regular reverse address search. The Reverse Phone Lookup and Online People Search could also come in handy for such a purpose.

What Can Be Found With A Reverse Address Lookup?

Thanks to various cutting-edge technologies, anyone can reverse address lookup freely and instantly. With just a few clicks, you could acquire various beneficial data. Here are the most common details that may be accessible.

Owner’s Personal Information

Paid/free address lookup engines provide basic personal information regarding a property’s current and previous owners. Aside from legal names and aliases, reports would also include complete contact information, previous home/work physical addresses, criminal records, and more.

Site Details

Through the use of address reverse lookup, you get instant access to the property’s location and site details, including technical facts and data. In this section, learn the property’s land area, square footage, blueprints, rooms available, interior and exterior description, and age of the facility.

Property Value

A reverse address lookup tool would also provide a clearer picture of how much the asset is worth in the market. Aside from the current value, you’ll also gain access to the property’s initial building expenses, a complete history of sale prices, deeds of sale, active and settled loans or mortgages, property tax records, and other value/price-related information.

Why Perform A Reverse Address Search?

Reverse address search engines allow you to initiate a reverse address lookup freely, remotely, and instantly. More than the basic data you could get a hold of, paid/free address lookup reports could provide you confidence and peace of mind.

One of Kiwi Searches’s ultimate goals is to help consumers avail of great property deals without compromising safety and security. The reverse address lookup feature, for instance, provides crucial information that could help to steer away from fake sellers, overpriced properties, bogus deals, and bad neighborhoods. We only offer up-to-date and accurate outputs to empower you to make the best decisions. With this vital data, it’s likely that you’ll get involved with great deals and winning transactions only.

  • Current and previous owners of the property.
  • Current values and history of sale prices, deeds, and loans.
  • Current neighborhood statistics provide a fuller picture of the situation.

Why Use Kiwi Searches?

Kiwi Searches have been collating and providing public records and valuable information for a few years now. Like the other services we offer, the reverse address lookup tool is specifically designed to be simple and intuitive, making searches quick and easy./free address lookup reports could provide you confidence and peace of mind.

As soon as you’ve entered the required information and tapped the search button, all of our programmed servers start running the address. The lodged data will be used to cross-reference on various public directories to find matches and relevant information. We then collate and compile discovered data from our reliable sources.

Once the search is complete, the results are sent. in a comprehensible report format, directly to your inbox. So, regardless of your reasons or purposes, it would be a wise and practical move to initiate an address lookup with Kiwi Searches. Aside from hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients, here are some guarantees you could expect from us.

  • Multi-layered and complex codes guarantee a faster and convenient reverse address search experience.
  • Complete, up-to-date, and error-free address lookup outputs.
  • Comprehensible reports.
  • Our cutting-edge technology ensures a safe, secure, and malware-free reverse address lookup database.
  • All reverse address searches are kept confidential.
  • User-Friendly site and dashboard.
  • Affordable package/subscription options.

Success Stories

“I’ve always been a family man. I grew up surrounded by my aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, and other family members. I want my kids to experience that, too. Technology isn’t like it is today so I lost touch with a lot of my relatives over the past few decades. Some moved away from Maryland and others got married and changed their last names. I thought I would never see them again until I found ClickSearch. I was able to find the current phone numbers and addresses of all my favorite family members. Next month, I’m holding a family reunion for everyone. Sending out invitations was a breeze when I had all the right addresses. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of ClickSearch. Thanks, guys!”

Ted P., 45, Laurel, MD